7:07 PM

so i've been switching off my handphone since Friday night..

the reason?

sebab batuk yang tak berkesudahan menyebabkan hari Khamis (night) aritu aku terpaksa took the cough syrup and pastu.. ape lagi.. haa.. mata nih macam dah kena gam.

so on Friday, i was like a zombie at the office.
i can't keep my poor eyes open!
like seriously..
i can't concentrate on my job..
and all i could think of was that,
otherwise, i'm gonna be loco!

so balik kerja,
lepas Isyak terus aku ZzzzZzZz.
and i switched off my phone cause i didn't want to be disturbed.

and i continue switching off my phone until today (Sunday).

and yesterday,
somebody gets mad because of it.

perlu ke aku justify kenapa aku off handphone?

i don't mean to sound harsh,
sukati aku la kan.. tepon aku.. nape pulak nak terasa hati bagai..?
i mean.. hello..
you should respect other people privacy.

i've been very busy ever since last 2,3 weeks.
i was barely at home on weekend.
so all i really want right now is to be alone this weekend.

banyak kerja nak kena buat -
spring cleaning, tido (qada' tido. hehe), swimming, reading, relaxing.
i just want to spend the time by myself.

i don't want to pick up any phone calls-
i don't want to go out -
i really really want to be ALONE.

it's nothing to do with other people.
purely just me.

sampai sekarang aku tak faham kenapa orang tu perlu rasa marah/terasa hati.

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