Season of The Witch : The Review

11:19 PM

I had a great start for year 2011;
Thanks to Nuffnang for the ticket giveaway contest, that i was able to watch the Premiere Screening of Season of The Witch last night.
ohhh yeahhhh! ^__^

so now, let's talk about Season of The Witch, shall we..? =)

this review is based on my own point of view.
different people, different taste, different opinion.
so you might not agree with whatever written in here.

if you watch the trailer, you'll see that this movie is kind of spooky.
well, at least that's what i thought when the first time i saw the movie trailer.
but hey, it's about WITCH - so you should know that basically WITCHCRAFT involves black magic, evil, etc etc; which made me interested to watch this movie in the first place.
and plus, there's Nicolas Cage in it. :)

To my disappointment, Nicolas Cage's character in this movie wasn't that great. in fact, i think he's not suitable in carrying that character. i like that witch girl. seriously creepy . psycho gila.

oh. i should get into that part later.

so anyway, this movie is about two ex-crusader Behman (Cage) and his side kick, Felson (Ron Perlman- Hellboy) returned to their country for 'retirement', only to find their homeland was infected with a mysterious disease (Black Plague). While looking for food in one of the town, they were arrested. When a priest came to know that Behman & Felson were Knights, he quickly informed his dying Cardinal about them.

To cut the story short, Behman & Felson were asked by the Cardinal to deliver a girl ( whom the religious masses believed is a witch responsible for the Black Plague) to this far-away place to get a fair trial: whereas the monks will determine whether she's guilty for being a witch or not.

And here is what i found interesting about this movie : i kept wondering whether The Girl is innocent or not, which is the main point of the movie.

The storyline is kind of boring, at first.
it's a typical movie, you can predict what will happen next.

HOWEVER, it's not that typical.
The ending is kind of expected, but also kind of unpredictable.
haa.. pening tak?
predictable but unpredictable.
expected, but unexpected.

the movie start off great, but then it became boring when it shows the battle - which i don't think is necessary. sekejap je would be enough.
tak perlu la tunjuk lama-lama kot. mengantuk gila.

But just when i was about to fall asleep, the exciting part slowly climbed when the journey start.
And i was no longer a sleepyhead.

i really really like Claire Foy (The Girl). she carried her character very well in this movie. she really knows how to play with emotion. memang sangat saiko, okay. sometimes she looks like a very sweet innocent girl, and sometimes, she really does looks like someone whose been practicing magic.

is she innocent?or is she not?
that's the main question.

Nicolas Cage?
hurm.. takder pun takpe. (i don't even understand why he agreed to take this role!)
lebih kurang macam Inglourious Basterds la - Brad Pitt takde pun takpe sebab ada character lain yang lagi best dan lagi mengancam daripada Pitt.

And for what it's worth, i'd say:
thank goodness KM asked me to crash at her place last night after we watched the movie cause if she doesn't, i'll probably can't sleep last night!

My verdict : 3 stars (out of 5)

and again, Thank you Nuffnang for the 2 tickets!!!
lain kali sila la buat lagi !! hehe

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