'twas Saturday..

11:08 PM

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i saw this shirt was sold at RM5. Without thinking much I bought it.
on Friday, i went to office wearing it.

it's not about the price.
it's about the message that matter the most, get it? ;p

oh. i wore a coat over that shirt cause i had a meeting that morning.
just because Friday is a casual day at our office, doesn't mean i hafto look so selebet pulak kannn.. ;)


Woke up early morning cause i need to book flight ticket to go to EhemEhem.
i was supposed to book it on Friday.
however, due to uncertainty of our plans,
i postponed it to Saturday.

flight ticket- done!
now tinggal nak plan for the itinerary je.
i made a stupid mistake actually.
patutnya boleh cover another country untuk holiday kali ni, tapi semalam macam terlupa..

Went out to see The Tourist with KM at Wangsa Walk.

and after the movie, she asked me to go shawl shopping with her cause she needs my opinion to buy which shawl that suits her.

aku bukan reti sangat bagi opinion and suggestion untuk orang lain.
untuk pakai sendiri-sendiri boleh la.. huhu.

tapi kalau kat opish pun, memang selalu jadik reference untuk colleague.
sometimes jadi 'cikgu' kat surau. sometimes jadi 'cikgu' kat toilet.
macam kelakar pulak rasa sebab haku rasa haku seorang yang selebet.

aku cuma nak bagitau, yang aku 100% agree dengan post nn nih.
and personally,
pada aku, Ilsya Hijab memang terbaikkk!
and this comes from someone yang super cheap skate when it comes to buying tudung. hehehe.
i don't buy anything (tudung/shawl) over RM30, just so you know.
but for Ilsya Hijab: My only exception! :)

Yang bernombor tu semua my favorite shawl/hijab.
(My Ilsya Hijab: No. 1, 2 and 5)

//actually, pernah beli shawl from this one popular Art shawl shop.
quite expensive (for me).
tapi sebab suka dengan design art abstract, haku pun beli la....

my worst buy EVER!

see my eyes???
i don't know what happened actually.
tetiba je pedih pedih mata so had to take out my contact lens to avoid any complication whatsoever.
sebelah pakai contact lens, sebelah lagi tak.
lepastu kepala haku pening pasal sebelah rabun, sebelah tak. huhu~

btw, mata masih merah harini (Sunday). hukhuk

@ Wangsa Walk.

later after wasting spending time here,
KM and I went to Jaya Jusco Alpha Angle cause she wanted to buy a swimming suit.

it's difficult to find a modest muslimah swimming wear, don't you think so?
something that is not sexy. not look like a clown. just nice.

i was lucky cause i found one.
tu pun dekat Mydin. adeiih.
major department store lain semua jual tahapehape.
hmm.. nama je Islamic Country... *sigh*.

//Sipadan Island, 2010

After finished buying the swimming suit,
we went to Uptown Danau Kota for the shawl hunting.
pergi sekejap je pasal haku tak larat due to the mata sakit in which membawa kepada sakit hati pasal tak nampak jalan. hahaha~

papepun, KM balik with happy face kerana shawl hunting beliau berjaya, thanks to me (poyo!).

Sekian :)

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