busy bee

7:10 PM

i had a busy week.
what's with my current project, that is nearly 90% done.. with the Ehem Ehem plan that need to be finalized as M is going offshore starting today, .. and last but not least, my little side project that need my attention.


it's a stressful week i can hardly breathe :(

so my initial plan for this weekend is to have a 'Me-Time':
just stay at home..
cook.. clean.. watch Covert Affairs.. and most importantly : tidur. hahaha.

but unfortunately, it won't workout that way.

well at least, i get to have 'Me-Time' for today.
tomorrow..is another story. huhu~
takper.. relax.. cool.. get things done one by one, will yer? *talk to self*

susah betul bila jadi orang femes ni kan.. kahkah ;p

but Alhamdulillah..
i'm grateful to have something to get busy with.
it's a sign that i'm alive and i'm a somebody in this little world of mine.

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