I keep writing letters to my garbage can..

4:20 AM

screw with Wordless Wednesday. i just have to post this.

this song keep playing in my mind right after i found my long lost diary last week.
what's in the diary..?
macam-macam ada!
but most of it are song lyrics, poems - Ada Apa Dengan Cinta lagi! haha..
and what else..?
oh yes.. there are also some l.o.v.e quotes..
EVERYTHING related to my feeling to that particular someone during my university years.
that was about hurm.. almost 8 or 9 years ago.
talk about taking a trip down memory lane, huh?

dulu kan.. everytime dengar part:
"now hush little baby don't you cry, everything's gonna be alright.. blablabla" bila gaduh, confirm aku nangis.
tu bukan lagu jiwang. itu adalah lagu Mockingbird- Eminem.
sengal gila. lagu Eminem pun boleh bikin syahdu ekk? gila kah?
haha. xD
oh well.. ada la sebabnya kan kenapa rasa syahdu je bila dengar lagu tu.

one of my favourite song during that time was If I'm Not The One by N'Sync..
selain The Painter - O' Town.. Michelle Branch.. Lifehouse...

oh wait. i got that one wrong.
Lifehouse was my favourite with someone else when i was in high school..ngeee~

okay okay. i should stop now before i start revealing my past.
before i'm signing' off, i leave you guys with this N'Sync song.
it might bring a smile on your face or some might pour some tears, remembering the bittersweet memories of your past.

To me.. well.. it sure bring a lotttttt of laughs! haha.
sangat comel la budak2 bila bercinta!
(perasannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyeeeeee laaa kannnnnn. hihi)

If I'm Not The One - N'Sync lyric

If I'm not the one you want
Take your time to figure out

I'm staring at your picture every night
The scent of you still lingers in my mind
I wonder if you're alone and feel alright
And the sun has come out of the clouds

And sometimes when I listen to our song
The night seems so cold and far too long
I wanna call you up cause in the end
I keep writing letters to my garbage can

Lately, feels like I'm going crazy
And baby, come and lay down beside me

If I'm not the one you want, then who's he?
Take your time to figure out, and you'll see
If I'm not the one you want, then maybe
I'll be the one you need

I feel like it's on you I can depend
Wish I could turn back the hands of time
Enough of building castles in the sand
Why can't we be forever


[Chorus x2]

Somewhere, in the back of my mind (back of my mind)
I know that you will be mine (you will be mine)
Somehow, wish I could rewind (I could rewind)
And leave all the worries behind..

[Chorus x2]

I'll be the one you need

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