it's good to be back!

9:22 PM

oh my..
i never thought of how much i miss JB
(Johor Bahru, not Justin Bieber or Julie Brian *inside jokes*).
not until i decided to attend a wedding reception in Batu Pahat (BP) instead of attending the groom's side in Putrajaya.

ps: the wedding reception entry will be coming up later :)

i've been to Johor last year , alright (refer here and here) .
but not in JB - the town. i didn't have much time to berjoli-joli katak di bandaraya Johor Bahru tahun lepas sebab the long hours journey between Kota Tinggi and Kluang.

last Saturday i miss JB so much that i went straight to JB right after i left BP.
didn't have to book hotel (as i mentioned in the previous entry) 'cause Wn invited me and Cp to stay at her house for the night. Alhamdulillah.. yeayy!

so that night...........

a teacher and an engineer :)

pergi 2 tempat je:

Dataran Bandaraya JB & Danga Bay.
jadi la kan, daripada tak jejak langsung.
thanks to Cp and Wn kerana melayankan haku kat sana.
i wanted to eat yong tau fu and kerang rebus and tauhu bakar at Dataran Bandaraya.. so they brought me there. ngeh3.

suka suka suka! ^_^

lepastu jalan-jalan di Danga Bay..
lepak lamaaaa sangat kat sana.. too many things to share.
ada cerita sedih.. ada cerita happy..
tapi yang banyaknya cerita sedih..

i miss JB so much!
each place reminds me of my 'growing up' years when i was an undergraduate student at UTM JB.
celah mana kat Johor yang aku tak pernah pergi?
picnic at Kota Tinggi waterfall; jalan-jalan cari makan sekitar Johor - Senibong, melanguk kat Anjung Warisan, Stulang Laut, etc; camping sana sini - Tanjung Leman (2003), Tanjung Sedili (2005/2006 - tak ingat which year. hehe).

there was one time, after persuaded by Cp and Yus,
me and my bestie (SA), followed Cp and Yus to go for a camp at Mersing.
it was one of the craziest things i ever did as that camp was for Civil Engineering (CE) student- it was a Course Camp. the purpose for that camping was for the students to learn about something something la. aku pun ingat-ingat lupa. pasal geologi kalau tak silap.

what i still DO remember is how me and SA pretend that we were CE students. orang check tanah, kitorang pun buat-buat la check tanah.. nasib baik la dulu aku sekolah teknik, course Civil Engineering jugak, so takder la lost bila lecturer diorang explain pasal tanah. memang terbaik punya berlakon. haha.

The best thing about that camp is, it was totally free!
we were supposed to built and sleep in a tent, but by the time we reached Mersing, it was raining heavily. so the lecturer put us in an awesome chalet. best gilaaaa!
i got to mingle with some others CE students that i've never met too .
and then, there was a BBQ.. terasa macam dengan budak-budak SRM pulak. camping + BBQ tak boleh dipisahkan, okay? hehe.
it was really fun! :)

Danga Bay remind me of my partner in crime: Iera.
everytime we get bored, we'll go out of campus to Danga Bay.. or sometimes to Tebrau City .
there was one time, the last day before we went for practical training (unlike other course/faculty, Comp. Science student have to attend a 6 month practical training => one semester), after moping and bersedih-sedih kerana tak akan dapat berjumpa selama satu semester, maka suddenly Iera came up with an idea that we should all go for a walk around JB.
and by walk, she meant by car.
and it was midnight.
Iera & SA in their PJ's. me in my nightie. gila tak gila.
i wore a tudung, covered my nightie with a sweater and put on a tracksuit.
and last but not least, i prayed that we won't get into trouble/accident because i don't want to die in shame. hahaha.

we went out sometime around midnight, and we got back in campus around 4 in the morning. we never leave the car. just sight seeing.. pergi sampai ke Senibong tetengah malam buta. pastu entah ke mana-mana hala entah. pastu bila sampai kampus, continue packing barang as my dad was going to pick me up to return to Melaka.

that night was one of my happiest time in UTM. :)

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