livin' la vida loca

1:01 AM

i loveeee this dress!!

i'm going out of town this weekend.
i have a date. yippi yeaay! :)

but i'm not sure if that plan's gonna work though cos my hands tied up with work.
just the other day my boss called me at 7pm, asking about work. i was at KLCC!
i'm lucky he didn't ask me to return to the office.
last 2 weeks he asked me to develop a system in 2 weeks. on the third day he said;
"i want it finish by today. otherwise your leave will be freezed."
i was like.. "huh?!"
i felt like crying when he said that!
i've already had my one week leave application approved a month before that. and hello, there's an engagement to be prepared!
and suddenly nak freeze cuti aku last minute..?
my boss went loco as the CEO went after his a**. pastu aku la yang jadi mangsa.
it was me who's livin' la vida loca. T__T
nasib baik boleh siapkan. kalau tak.. adeiiii~
i can't imagine what will happen la..

let's put work aside. i just can't wait for tomorrow.
will be spending the night over there too, so hurmmm.. need to find a place to crash.
sampai sana la baru cari. kot2 la ada cheap budget hotel ke kan..

another thing,
it has been awhile since the last time i ride a bus for a long distance journey.
cuak juga sebenarnya nih. haven't bought the ticket yet.
i don't even know where's the bus terminal! cemana tu? haha.

hopefully everything will be fine. insyaAllah.
i have my Sidney Sheldon's Master Of The Game to accompany me. best best!
selalu asyik takde masa je nak baca kan..
now, haa.. hamek kau.
i'm hoping that by the time i reached my destination, i'll finish reading Master of The Game too. hee.

apapun, pls pray for my safety, will yer?

you know you love me ;)

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