Review : Burlesque

9:34 PM

Being as a loyal musical movie fan, i went to see Burlesque last Friday night..

all i can say is...

there are lotssssss of half-naked girls in there!
like, seriously.
too much butt showing. too much b**bs showing.
aku rasa ramai jugak la dude(s) yang hidung berdarah malam tu. hahahaha.
nasib baik aku pergi tengok dengan kawan perempuan. phew.

about the review-
well, it'a a cliche' movie.
it's about a girl (Aguilera) from a small town try to make it big in LA.
it's about the owner of Burlesque (Cher) who's about to lose Burlesque because of too much debt and at the end of the day, Aguilera is the one to save the day. yada yada.

what i like about this movie:

  • of course, the musical numbers. hot wa cakap lu. muahaha. there are a couple of songs that i like.. one, when Ali start off her stardom days, and second.. the last song at the end of the movie.

  • Ali (Christina Aguilera)'s make up. sumpah cantik! you know how i always love the 60's style, right? (read here) so i am so madly in love with Ali's make up in Burlesque. so Marilyn Monroe. not everyone can pull that red lipstick off, you know. i've seen some women done it, it looks horrible.

  • Erm.. the hot guy? well, i guess Jack was okay. (i said he was okay 'cause he was the bad vamps in Twilight. yer, aku memang bias. hehe)

    i love this scene. a guy with black leather jacket & a bike. kinda remind me of John Travolta in Grease (the black leather jacket). comelness. heh.

  • And what else..? hurm.. i guess that's all. you'll enjoy this if you're a music/dance fan, like me. it's cliche' but it's still entertaining to watch. :)

  • my rating, 2.5 out of 5 stars.

  • ps:
    by the way, i always loveeeee Aguilera's powerful voice. one of my fav is Lady Marmalade (Moulin Rouge's version). i always sing that song whenever i went Karaoke'ing. walaupun suara aku memang la macam itik pulang petang, dan kadang-kadang macam katak panggil hujan, tak sedap langsung, tapi aku peduli apa. lagu Lady Marmalade wajib ada dalam list okayyyy. heheheh~

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