the amazing Nostradamus

6:00 AM

i dedicate this entry for my brother.
he asked me about my favorite Piano Player : Maksim Mrvica,
'cause he wanted to be like him.

i'm not encouraging him to be a musician.
i just think it's cool for him if he wants to learn to play a piano/violin.
i never had the chance to learn.
so i guess, if he wanted to play, why not?

so anyway.
my fave from Maksim is of course, as mentioned in this entry, without a doubt is
Croation Rhapsody.

when i get mad.. or sad over something (like today. sobs),
sometimes i like to listen to
i don't know how to explain this, but all i know is i like the dramatic melody and the emotion of the song.

feeling a bit cheeky,
i'll listen to Cubana.

feeling sentimental?
you should listen to Claudine.
i love it.
i think this song is great for lyrical dance.
melodi lagu nih sangat membuai perasaan.

there are few more that i like, but what's written in here is my fave;
which honestly..
whenever i feel like wanted to get a little bit of Maksim,
i'll keep Croatian Rhapsody and Nostradamus in replay.

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