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7:50 AM

Lee Jun Ki

buang tebiat.
my laptop crash so i have to use my old laptop.
tengok tengok ada full series My Girl (among other things).
it was in my laptop since 2005. i never deleted it.

My Girl is my favorite Korean drama
(i still have problem to pick which one i like the most, Fullhouse or My Girl?).
tapi da lama tak tengok sebab..
aku tak suka tengok citer sedih nangis2 bagai..
nanti aku sedih :(
tapi last year aku dah start tengok Fullhouse balik,
so apalagi, marilah mengkhatamkan cerita My Girl ini pula!

back in 2005 @ 2006 (not sure which year):
i still remember that day when Janet told me that there's a new popular drama in Korea which is said to be as funny as Fullhouse.
i was curious and kinda asked her to download it.
so that night Janet downloaded My Girl and gave it to me the next day.
and there goes the history of marathoning My Girl in my room;
me. aisha. janet.

i LOVE this drama so very much so i made copies and FORCE all of my friends which were in different collegues to watch it too! termasuk la bebudak SRM sekali.
and before i knew it,
MY Girl was spreading around campus like a virus.
lepas tu aku plak yang sakit hati bila sana-sini, all girls were like mengaku Gong Chan tu dorang punya.
ho ho.

when i first watch this drama,
aku suka Gong Chan because of his looks.
tapi kan,
actually, watak yang paling aku suka adalah Jung Woo (Lee Jun Ki).

sensitive. understanding. baik hati. fun to be with. caring. protective.

my kind of guy in complete set.

tapi kalau diberi pilihan,
aku tamau la orang seCANTIK dia jadi boifren aku.
kang tak pepasal orang lain confuse, dan might think that i'm a les disebabkan ada boifren yang CANTIK.
ha ha.

side note:
disebabkan My Girl la aisha, janet and I excited gila tunjuk terer cakap Korea bila terjumpa Korean tourist masa kat Singapore. huahuahua

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