Diriku sudah pun berpunya kekasih hati ..but you'll always be my boo..

5:52 AM

only today i managed to sort out my old lappy. siap ada assignment for each subject lagi. like, apakah? dah berkurun dah grad, buat apa simpan lagi?huhu. so ku delete la semuanya harini. but one thing i left untouched: my Final Year Project. eventho tak best, tapi tu laaa tiket aku grad dengan jayanya. hehe.

and since i didn't have anything to do today, i browsed through my Jukebox folder.

waaa! rupanya ada banyak gila video clip dalam nih. everything since 2005. tu pun rasanya ada banyak yang dah delete/ transfer to the other lappy dulu kot. he.

so, the chosen fav song/clip for today:

for Malay song:
Khayalan by Ruffedge, V.E & Jatt.
this was during ABP'03.

yeah yeah. i'm a sucker for cover version song. and fyi, i love 80's song. timeless, okay.
plus.. aku suka V.E and Ruffedge.. and Innuendo too (eh apa kaitan..? hihi)

okay. next song:
My Boo by Usher & Alicia Keys.

this is not the official vids. you can check out the official in here.

oh. ini lagu kenangan. hu. BUT i still love this song. i think both Usher & Alicia looks so sweet together..kan? anddddd.. i love Alicia Keys' make up. au naturale! hehe.
dulu masa dinner Pre-Grad, berangan okay nak make-up macam Alicia Keys, tapi tak menjadi. kesian.

it has 2 meaning for me. one, means Love (err, sape2 yang tau kisah ini, sila lah muntah kalau nak. aku izinkan. haha. =p) .. and another one is Boo the little girl in Monster Inc. whatever it is, dedua buat tuan tanah rasa perasan comel. ngahaha.

and third vids for today is :
Burn - La Villas

haa..ni zaman youtube baru up. zaman sebelum Mathluthfi & IniAnwarHadi wujud dalam youtube, hehe. time ni agak ramai la student mempopularkan diri dorang dalam youtube. vids ni antara yang aku suka sebab 1) Lagu Usher. 2) sebab dorang macam sengal. lawak tul. so, layannnnnnnn~

ps: btw, i am totally agree with Anwar Hadi in this video. go check this out! :)

Khayalan is the 70's song. not 80's .

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