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okay.. how shall i begin this..
i don't normally tell people about 'hey guess what, that guy asked for my number', or 'damn. he asked for my number. what should i tell him?' and etc.
things like that are too personal and telling other people about that are just gonna make them puke and menyampah gila kot - haha.

that's the kind of things that i'd like to keep it to myself. (and to my BFF. hey, that's what BFF is all about, right? hehe)

and fyi, i never gave my phone number to stranger.

okay. except for that one time when i was on my way back to balik raya when i was in UTM.
i was so scared i was the only girl in that express bus from JB with only A DRIVER and another one male passenger.
there were only three of us in that 3 hours bus ride and i was the only girl!
takut dowh. i kept imagining terrible things like the one that happened to arwah suzaily and i was almost cry.
so i sent SMSes and informed the situation to all of my close friends and my family.. you know, just in case.

so anyway, this other guy,
he kept looking at me and made me feel so uncomfortable that i didn't dare to sleep.
nak kelip mata pun takut and i prayed hard that he won't come and strangle me. yes i am paranoid like that. haha.

but guys, being guys..
he finally made the move and came talked to me.
at first i was being bolayan je la. but then i thought, maybe if i'm being nice, he won't do anything bad to me so lepas tu kami pun berbual mesraaaaaa. =p
terpaksa okay. the truth is, i just couldn't wait to get out from that bus. T__T

as the bus approacing the plaza tol Ayer Keroh, he asked for my phone number.
damn! i was hoping he wouldn't ask that. gila kau, dah la tak kenal, apahal pulak nak bagi phone number. private okay.
so at that milisecond, my brain tried to create million excuses.. and just when i was about to say "Sorry but i don't have handphone" (tipu sunat demi keselamatan, takpe kan? hehe) my Dad called! aiyakkkkk! there goes my tipu sunat down the longkang. eurgh.

and just right after i got out of the phone, that guy asked my phone number with tersengih-sengih macam kerang busuk.
dan dengan tak relanya, aku pun bagi la...... Dengan harapan dia tak call..

but you have no idea how HE CALLED ME EVERYDAY after that.. until i had to change my phone number!(and because of some other reasons. hee. )


start from that moment on, i NEVER gives my phone number to stranger. so everytime a guy asked my number or my business card or my Facebook, i'd politely say 'No '.

but man nowadays are so determined, don't they? when we don't give ours, they'll give theirs(business card).


Dear Guys,
yes. i appreciate your guts. your efforts. your confidence (and sometimes your nervousness too. i think it's cute. hihi)
and i'm flattered. (couldn't help it la. i'm a girl. of course i love being chased. hahaha) but that's that, okay..? i just don't like giving out my number like some sort of cheap sl*t.

bottomline is.. i don't give phone number to stranger. and i hate those people who gave my phone number without my consent. it's like an invasion to my privacy. benciiiiii gilaaa tau takkkk.

i prefer a guy who's willing to take a step to face me and asked my number by HIMSELF instead of guys yang mintak from friends.
i hate COWARD. e'nuff said.


oh yeah. what's with this blog title anyway?
well.. i don't know why but it seems like ELEVATOR is the place where i get 'business-card' the most.
bakal mendapat jodoh dari teman lif kah? oh please i hope not. haha.

but seriously. what is it about the elevator and me anyway??haiiyaaa.

one of the MOST awkward-elevator moment that i will always remember was a few years back.

i was in the elevator with my big backpack, on the way to the parking lot.
and then when the elevator stopped at Floor Z, entered this one guy.
he nodded to me. i nodded to him back.
he smiled. i smiled to him back.
neighbour, kan. takkan nak sombong-sombong pulak. huhu.

and suddenly he start asking me question.. like "nak pergi mana?"
so i said that i was going for a holiday vacation with some friends.. blablabla.
lepas blablabla.. i asked him, what he's up to do that night.. walhal dah nampak dah mamat tu bawa beg kasut. talk about flirting! haha.
he said he was going to play futsal and aku pulak cepattt je jawab "hey, i play futsal too!".
tu diaaaaa... from small conversation to bigger conversation..
until finally when we reached the ground floor, we bid goodbye.
oh. before that, he did ask me my number, but i said; "sorry i tak bagi phone number to stranger'.

and then i got out first. he was behind me..
i was heading to my friend's car.. and suddenly that 'elevator-guy' called; "awakkk!kejap!".

so i looked back at him..
he was taking something from his beg kasut. rupa-rupanya he pulled out his business card and gave it to me.
aku dah macam serba salah pasal..........

..... my 'friend' who was waiting outside wasn't really a friend!
i mean, he WAS my friend, but he LIKES me so much that when he saw that 'elevator-guy' gave something to me, HE CAME OUT FROM HIS CAR and start to CALL MY NAME!

haha. aku panik sekejap time tu sambil menyumpah jugak la apahal la mamat nih keluar kereta pulak nih. siap panggil-panggil nama pulak dah. kacau daun betul. ngehngeh.

tapi agak kesian la mamat elevator tu pasal dia pun cam cuak jugak bila nampak 'my friend' muka macam nak tumbuk orang kuar daripada kereta.


seriously AWKWARD.

like, time was freezed for a few seconds....
fuh. DRAMA.

but me.. being me.. muka selambaaaaaaa je la lepas tu macam takde apa-apa berlaku. haha.


ehhh.. why do i write this entry anyway?
tak pernah-pernah aku cerita benda-benda macam ni kan.. aku tak suka pun sebenarnya.
but i just need to write this because of something stupid that had happened today.
i did something that i never thought i would do. EVER.
kinda crazy, when i think about it again.


tu je. sekian :)

*end song: currently listening to Little Voice - Hillary Duff*

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