Japan Tsunami shaken MY world

1:24 AM

in my life, i had experienced a small tremor twice.
the first one, was the Taiwan's Earthquake in 2007. the second one, was triggered by Sumatera's Earthquake.
it was small, but big enough to scare me..

i may not write anything on the latest Tsunami that had happened last Friday but it doesn't mean i don't care.
i was worried. i still do. i keep browsing between this site and this site.
the damage was unexpected.
my prayers and condolences goes to those in Japan, hope they will recover.
i know it's gonna be hard, so let's help them too, okay?
prayers+donation+whatever we can do to help.

you know what, the moment i heard the news, it was quite a shock.
it's because of Japan was (one of) my travel aim for year 2011.
however, i had to cancel it as i missed the RM400 return promotion.
cheapskate. asek nak pergi tempat murah je kan.. haha.
i was kind of devastated at first, knowing that i'll never be able to get that cheap ticket again ;p and of course, was a bit mad at my friend for not telling me earlier.
but well.. ALLAH has different plan for me i guess..

i'm not sure whether my friend A & his gf will be going to Japan or not.
if it were me, i'll cancel it for safety reason.
heck, now i'm 50-50 about going to EhemEhem as well.
we're going to coastal area too. so you know.. it's not really safe nowadays.

last year, there's a tsunami alert a day before we went to Sipadan Island.
i really didn't know what to do. Pak Lah and Mozal were on top of Mount Kinabalu by that time, which means that left me alone to handle the rest of us here before going to Tawau.
cuak..jangan cerita lah. tapi tawakal je la......
Alhamdulillah.. nothing happened.
but you have no idea how i felt when i saw this that morning.
mengucap banyak2 dalam hati. huhu~

so with this coming EhemEhem trip..
well.. i'm not so sure either.
eventhough the area was not affected, we can never tell what will happen in the future, no?
seriously, aku sangat berdebar-debar sekarang ni.
my colleagues, Chandran (bukan nama sebenar) and MKA keep asking me to hold off the trip.
(they thought i'm going to Sabah. i have no idea from where they get the idea. ha ha)

i'm not worry about me. i'm worried about my family.
our home is near with pantai.
so agak cuak dan agak risau.
although it's not facing South China Sea, but still... :(

on a different note,
today me and Zakiah (bukan nama sebenar ;p) were talking about the effect of radiation.
we both were X-Files freak so we kinda make some stupid assumption on what will happen if we're exposed to the radiation.
Zakiah said we might become some sort of mutant, like in the movie.
(i think she's refering to The Hills Have Eyes kot..)
and i said, "but it sure will be cool if we are a mutant with a super power ..like Wolverine."
haaa.. bongok kan, lawak kitorang (-_-)"
aku rasa ni kesan lawak keji tak berperikemanusiaan Berita Harian aritu. hmm.

side note:
if earthquake were happen to Malaysia, is our building/structure safe enough?
read here.

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