when you need it the most..

8:25 AM

i am someone who do things on my own.
rarely asked for help.
not that i'm too proud of myself.
believe me, i am not.
it's just that, i don't like to bother other people for me.
tak suka susahkan orang lain.
they have enough problem already .

i have a problem and i need someone to help me.
so i asked for help..

.. in Facebook.
i didn't tell what's the problem pun.
macam tak best la pulak kan nak bagitau. huhu.
but i literally said I need help.

funny thing is,
of all people,
there's only ONE PERSON who's actually called and asked me what kind of help that i need.

only ONE.

timekasut sebab call.
eventhough tak membantu pun, but it means a lot, knowing that there is someone who cares.

yang lain?
time nak bergembira, berpoya-poya, lajuuuuu je kan.
time mintak tolong, huh.
sumer tak nampak batang idung

so anyway,
i have to find way(s) how to go to the airport and be there at 5 a.m on a weekday.

Mrs S offered to send me to the airport, but i said BIG N.O.
she has a baby and she doesn't have enough sleep already.
i can't let her (or her husband) sent me.
it's too much, okay.
tak kira la bff ke tak ke.. i can't let her do that for me.
and she doesn't want me to call a cab either.
but i don't have any other choice.. do I?

the thing is..
Eeeee.. takut laaaaa naik teksi pepagi buta sebenarnyaaaaaaaaa...!!
tu la masalah problem aku sebenarnya nih...
nothing big pun.

just wondering, selamat ke tak ek?
tak jauh pun, sampai KL Sentral je...
siapa ada experience, boleh la share yek~
kalau segan kat sini, just drop e-mail je kat:

miss.ttjl [at] gmail [dot] com

kecoh macam la pergi jauh sangat ;p

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