Backpacking Vietnam : Ha Long Bay

6:10 PM

7 April 2011

we reached Hanoi at 5.00 in the morning.
with still in a sleeping mode, we took a van (taxi) to our hostel for our next trip.

the hostel provided us with breakfast.

err.. ini bukannya breakfast kitorang.
ini muka orang yang mata duitan.
ye laa.. sekali sekala dapat pegang duit juta-juta, macam ni la jadinya.

our trip to HaLong Bay start at 8.00 am, and it will be a 4 hours (mini) bus-ride.
there were some other tourist from different hostel as well.

on the way to Ha Long Bay,
our tour guide kill the time by giving tips and telling us about Vietnam -
e.g: how to cross the road (it was crazy! haha) and several other things as well.
and he also told us about Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay - literally means "descending dragon(s)".
and FYI, Ha Long Bay is include in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Local Myth:

Long ago when their forefathers were fighting foreign invaders from the north, the gods from heaven sent a family of dragons to help defend their land. This family of dragons descended upon what is now Ha Long bay and began spitting out jewels and jade. Upon hitting the sea, these jewels turned into the various islands and islets dotting the seascape and formed a formidable fortress against the invaders. The locals were able to keep their land safe and formed what is now the country of Vietnam. The Dragon family fell so much in love with this area for its calm water and for the reverence of the people of Vietnam that they decided to remain on earth. Mother dragon lies on what is now Ha Long and where her children lie is Bai Tu Long. The dragon tails formed the area of Bach Long Vi known for the miles of white sandy beaches of Tra Co peninsula.


We had a 20 minutes break on our way to Ha Long Bay.
the bus stopped at a handicraft centre.

we didn't buy anything here.
the only thing we did was cam-whoring as usual.

continue our journey 20 minutes later.
on the way to the jetty, we saw this:

iskh. ada lori terbalik. huhu.

ok dah sampai Jetty at 12.30pm.

.. to be continued..

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