Backpacking Vietnam : Hanoi (Day 1)

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*warning: this entry is gonna be a long pictures entry. caption to be updated later*

4 April 2011

Our flight to Hanoi was scheduled to depart at 6.30 am. so that morning, this sweetest miss fetched me at my home at 3.40 am to send me to the airport.

Ana and I were the first to arrived among us six (me, zila, mozal, kak long, kak ngah, kak chik). dalam pukul 5 pagi sampai LCCT, kalau tak silap.
pergi awal sebab nak check in awal sebab nak solat Subuh kat sana.
tapi lepas tunggu sorang demi sorang sampai, last2 miss gak Subuh. tskkk.

serious hangin sekejap aku pagi tu. siap nama kena panggil, suruh boarding. masa nama kena panggil tu, tu aku baru nak pergi amek wudhuk. T___T

taaaapi, paling aku hangin..
at the time our name was called to board the plane, it was raining heavily outside; with thunder..and lightning..
so all of us (read: all passenger) couldn't board the plane. we have to wait until the raining stop.
dengan kata lainnya, sempat jeeeee kalau solat tadi.
hiarkkhhhhhhhhhhhhh marah ni marah ni.

ok ok enough with the rant.

the flight was delayed about 15-20 minutes.

after the take off, i could see the sky was clear.
it didn't show any sign of cloudy day.. only a bright sunny day.
being up in the blue sky made me feel at ease, somehow :)
leaving work pressure behind, boy i felt so excited! haha xD

look Ma, i can see Genting Highland from above!

eventhough the flight was delayed, we managed to arrived Noi Bai International Airport on time. pilot kami merempit. hehe.

upon arrival, we saw many people were waiting for their loved ones return to Hanoi with flowers on their hand. rasa macam agak pelik sikit. diorang ni tunggu artis keluar ke? (-_-)"
untuk kami takde ke..? T__T
of course la takde. dah nama pun backpacker kannnn..

so, keluar dari airport, terus cari teksi/van.
kalau diikutkan, plan asal adalah naik shuttle bus sebab murah. tapi bila tengok rate teksi-van pun murah (dan selesa), apa lagi, kitorang terus la charter teksi-van. hehe.

from airport to Hanoi (Old Quarter) = 350,000VND (+-18USD)

we have booked Sapa-Ha Long Bay Package a month earlier, so we asked the taxi to take us to the hostel that provided the tour package. our Sapa trip start the following day (Day 2) so the reason we went to the hostel is to check in and to put our stuff in that hostel so we can sight-seeing Hanoi city before we leave for Sapa that night.

let the pictures tell you the rest :)


Petronas pun adoooo~

rumah dorang semuanya sama pattern.
kurus-kurus macam orangnya juga. xD

free wi-fi in hostel

ececeh.. konon-konon terer baca map.

below pictures:

us cam-whoring around Old Quarter / Hanoi City


my favourite pix : Zila & I.


the busy road in Hanoi City


Night train to Lao Cai

we're going to Sapa tonight!


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