Monday, April 18, 2011

Backpacking Vietnam in 10 days.

it was a crazy idea, really.

to fit in the entire Vietnam in 10 days are impossible, but we made it.

ok tipu. hehe.

compared to our country, Vietnam is a much bigger country.

it's impossible to travel Vietnam in 10 days so we had to adjust our schedule.

the initial plan was a 12 days backpacking trip, but some of our friends can't take annual leave more than 10 days, so .. maximum 10 days it is.
and because of that time constraint,
we had to miss out Nha Trang... and Dalat.. and Mekong Delta.

i don't mind to skip Nha Trang.
it's just a beach je kottttt.
takut tsunami sebnanya kan kan kan. hehe
i am more interested to go to Dalat.
but too bad.. takde rezeki.. :(

so.. with only 10 days in Vietnam..
where should we go..?

the plan was either:

1. Hanoi - Hue- HCM


2. Hanoi - Hoi An - HCM.

we didn't have time to go to both Hue and Hoi An so we ( mozal & I) decided to go to Hoi An.
but somehow, Alhamdulillah, during the trip,
we managed to stop by at Hue.

this was our route:

Hanoi - Hue - Hoi An - Ho Chi Minh/Saigon.

i am not going to describe all the details here.

it will be in another update.


but i just wanna say,


when we were in Vietnam, we've been

  • on a train :

  • sleeping on a boat:

  • kayaking :

  • riding on a tricyle :) :

  • sleeping in a sleeper bus:

  • cycling!:

  • and last but not least:

  • flying twice with Air Asia and once with Vietnam Airlines:


and i fall madly deeply in love with Hanoi.. which will be in a different story.

till then, Assalamualaikum and ciao! :)


fara-D said...

jelesnyaaaaaaaaaaaa! last year my company trip p vietnam but tak dapat join sbb time tu freshie sgtlagik. heheh.

wait. jeles sbb u have a bunch of ppl yg sporting enjoy backpacking like u do! ^.^v

{ w33da } said...

ala syg takpe la kan..belum rezeki la tu..

jeles ke? hehe. takyah la. my friend ada sorang dua je yg rajin follow. yg lain sumer dah kawen *sigh* tp trip jd ramai bila kwn2 ai ajak kwn2 dorang join. so jd la macam meriah..dan tambah kenalan :)

..blindart.. said...

wow.... kene masuk kalender jalan2 next year nih....

{ w33da } said...

wajib!! hehe