Backpacking Vietnam : Sapa

2:43 PM

5 April 2011

sleeping on the train was really comfortable. no kidding!
i slept very well, except that i woke up everytime the train stopped, which was only twice.
that morning i woke up from my sleep to a loud knocking on the door.
i thought "oh, maybe the train attendant wake us up to tell us we've arrived Sapa"

i was half right.
as soon as Kak Long opened the door, the attendant asked us;
"Coffee or tea or Hot chocolate?"
wow. ada food service! macam dalam flight pula.
masa tu rasa kagum gila.
if only KTM have this service, i'm sure Malaysian (read:me) wouldn't mind to travel by train.

i ordered Hot Chocolate. yummy!
the attendant came and brought our order..
and said "25000 dong!"

kena bayar rupanya!
ingatkan free!
hampagas betul.
yer yer je kitorang puji-puji..
train best la.. toilet bersih laa..
minum free laa..
baaaaanyak la kau punya free ;p

we reached Lao Cai station at 6 am.

pantang nampak camera, mesti senyum walaupun tak mandi dan gosok gigi lagi!
haha xD

we were picked up by a van.
not only us 6, but there were other tourists as well.
(they stayed in a different hotel)

Sapa is located near the China border.
the journey to Sapa took 1 and a half hour.
bosan-bosan layan Taylor Swift, feeling macam remaja 15 tahun je rasa. hihi~

sampai hotel, terus makan.
tak sempat nak mandi pun.
sejukkkkk gilaaaaa.
agent suruh pergi makan, so kitorang makan je la..
dah termasuk dalam pakej, kan..

mine: Pancake with Banana and Sapa honey

in front of our hotel.
masa ni agak jakun sket sebab bila cakap je, keluar asap. cakap je keluar asap.

first picture were us with a Korean couple. they were leaving that day.
second picture, us with our trekking group.
the only names in our group that i remember are Marie & Miss Young.
both are solo traveler from Germany & Ho Chi Minh city.

Black Hmong people.
they were waiting us outside the hotel ever since we arrived here.

and they followed us to their village.
diorang 'cop' kitorang sorang satu, okey.
masa ni tatau lagi kenapa.
i'll tell you later~


and the 12km trekking started.
the guy in the red sweater was our guide.
he told us about the history of Sapa and Sapa's culture.

btw, if you notice, all of us were wearing Pua Chu Kang boots.
20,000 dong each pair.
tak payah gatal bawa boot sendiri atau sibuk nak pakai kasut sendiri semata-mata nak melawa sebab kat sini adalah sangat berlumpur dan berlecak.

Masya Allah..

on the way to Hmong's village.
apsal la aku tak bawak sweater.

the beautiful scenery that is to die for!
masa ni memang sangat teruja dan sangat terpesona.

ok dah sampai dah di kampung mereka dan keluarga mereka ;)

kitorang kena PAKSA beli handicraft diorang.
tak beli pun takpe, tapi korang tengok la cemana kitorang dikerumun tu.
berani kau tak beli barang dorang?? haha.
WARNING: they'll sell you their handicraft with a very ridiculously HIGH PRICE.
so, you'd better bargain before you pay.

there are several ethnic living here;
Black H'mong, Dzao, Dzay, etc.
and each ethnic have their own unique handicraft specialization.
and each ethnic have their own culture.

eg: getting married.
for Black H'mong, to get married,
a guy will kidnap the woman he likes and keep her in a locked house for 3 days.
if the woman doesn't want him/disagree, she has to eat a poison leave and die.
(commit suicide la dengan kata lainnya)
otherwise, they'll get married.

the trekking end at almost 3 pm.
some of our group member stayed in this village for a homestay.
the rest, back to the hotel by van.

that night,
we went berjalan-jalan cari pasal around the town.
sejuk dan berkabus.
tak nampak jalan.
so you better bring a torchlight or head-lamp (poyo) if you wanna talk a stroll here at night.

TERbeli sweater. haha.

geng North Face:
mine - USD35. sibbaik lawa and tebal and comfort gila.
zila: USD20. cun. warna merah.
kak chick: USD 18. purple. i want that too! tapi tak tebal sangat. but i love the purple color!!!!

balik hotel dengan perasaan yang penuh kegembiraan


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