Monday Blues..

10:10 PM

wow. i've been away from work for 2 weeks.

how does one feels, returning to work again after having a full 2 weeks of AWESOME VACATION?

if you ask me, honestly..

... it's a pain!!!!

what's with having a sore throat. sore eyes. and flu. haisk. x__x

i'm having a mild cold.

partly because of climate changing (cewah, macam la pergi jauh. walhal dekat sini je. haha) and partly because i miss EhemEhem so much. mengada-ngada! hehe :)

anyway, the vacation was INCREDIBLY AWESOME!

i love the place so much that i kinda want to have it for myself.

i'm still haven't decided whether to update in this blog or not.

i just don't want that place to be crowded with people, you know..?(tourist/foreigners/Malaysian ;p)

i love it the way it is, now.

so peaceful. so quiet. so beautiful..

omaigucci, i sound so Uncle Scrooge! haha.

oh well. just watch this space.

i might update about EhemEhem Trip tonight..

...or tomorrow....

...or the day after....

...or.... whenever i feel so rajin menaip.hehehe

Ciao! (^_-)v

ps: actually, gambar2 semua dah upload kat facebook sehari lepas selamat sampai kat rumah. hehehe

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