patience is running thin

2:04 PM

i never knew i will be d*mn busy this month.
time flies.
too many things happen at once, i couldn't even blink my eyes.
cliche', i know.
but things just sort of happen.. you know?

i had fun in April. i got sad in April.

i had the time of my life traveling in Vietnam.
leaving everything behind. forget every unpleasant things behind.
and i had so much laughs, that i didn't want to leave Vietnam.
like, seriously. you can ask my friends how sad i was that day when we had to pack our things to catch our flight home.

balik Malaysia, demam.
demam rindu kot. haha.
so, several days have been wasted.

few days later, my sister got herself in an accident.
it was horrible. and she was admitted to the hospital.
Alhamdulillah, she's okay. just a minor injury.

and then, my eyes.. sakit pulak.
jadi vampire for a few days.
i still am having eyes sore. Doctor gave me 2 days of MC.
i was supposed to return to the clinic for another check up, but i'm lazy to do so.
i couldn't skip work again.
my workload, omaigucciii, sangat banyakkkk ok!
if i take another MC, man.. i think i'll have to move into the office. haha. not funny =p

another sad thing happened..
the most terrible news i heard so far,
a friend passed away..
it was so sad..
makes me thinks a lot about this life..

that's another thing- comes every month without fail.
since everything is happening too fast at once, i kinda get mad easily these days.
someone pushed me to make a decision over something, and i was very very angry, so i yelled at her.
memang drama.
but then again, she's my sister. she should have seen it coming. =p

everyone's giving me headache. benci lah macam ni.

fine. not funny.
you just lose someone, and now you post this joke?
what's so wrong with you, TTJL..???

please la.
i don't even have time for myself.
why do you have to push me?
i hate people who keep pushing other people to do things their way.
i hate people who can't respect other people especially in making a decision.
sabar, reti tak?

if you can't be patience..
then.. well.. you know what..?
that's your BIG MISTAKE.

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