quick update

4:20 PM

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! does anybody miss me? what? NO? alaaa sedeynya ... ;p anyway, hope you guys are doing fine, just like me here. i had such a great time, i can't even describe to you about it. so far, in the last 5 days i've been on a flight, on a train and also.. ...wait for it.... ... ... ... on a CRUISE! yes baybee.. we were on a cruise! so, dengan kata lainnya, dah pernah solat dalam keratapi.. dan dah pernah solat in a cruise. memang terbaikkkkk! ^_^ what else can i tell you about here..? hurm.. let's see... the weather is good, me think. kinda almost like a winter here (it was snowing 2 weeks ago). the winter season is over, but it's still cold. i like the people. warm and friendly. oh. another thing that i like about this trip is how amazing it feel to be friends with some other foreigners/tourists. i've met Japanese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Korean, UK and Germany (and some others too, but i only mention the one that exchanged FB. hehe). it feels great, meeting this people. okay guys. time's up. need to continue exploring this city. hoping to see you again in another week.. insya Allah. take care :)

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