Backpacking Vietnam : Hue

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10 April 2011
Vietnam : Day 7
Hue - Danang - Hoi An

as mentioned before, when we first came out with this plan[Amazing Race Vietnam ;)],
we (Mozal & I) were torn between Hanoi- Hue-HCM and Hanoi-Hoi An-HCM.
but we settle for Hanoi - Hoi An-HCM as we were dying to see My Son.

but somehow, Alhamdulillah,
we had the chance to stop by in Hue on our way to Hoi An :)

Oh another thing,
we plan to take a train to go to Danang, but all tickets were sold out!
so finally we bought tickets to go there by bus.

it was a very, very long journey from Hanoi tu Hoi An, i tell you!~
it took about 18 hours!(that's exclude 5 hours stop!) .

we departed at 7 pm from Hanoi.
in the morning,
the bus made a quick stop somewhere along the way to have breakfast..
i think it was around 7 am.
we get only 20 minutes je rasanya.
sempat la pergi toilet basuh muka. pastu minum kopi. tu pun macam terkocoh-kocoh (-_-)".

this was the bus.

*bas ni bersih. ada toilet. i didn't use the toilet. but my friends said that the toilet is clean. macam dalam kapal terbang. hee*

Sinh Cafe is a well-known tour-agency in Vietnam and because of the popularity,
some culprit ambil kesempatan dengan membina agency dorang sendiri dengan menggunakan nama Sinh Cafe.
ingatkan cd/baju/handbag je yang ada imitation. tapi Tour Agency pun nak dipiratekan juga. iskh3.

so last-last Sinh Cafe pun tukar nama jadi The Sinh Tourist.

anyway, let's continue our journey.

we reached Hue 2 hours later.

kena keluarkan semua beg kitorang sebab tukar bas.
ye la kan, kata nak jalan-jalan dekat Hue.

we had only 5 hours to explore Hue before another bus came to fetch us so where should we go?

Thanks to the Lonely Planet that i've been reading on the bus, I decided to go to the Imperial City (Citadel) of Hue.
so semua orang kena ikut jugak. ngeeee~

The grounds of the Imperial City were surrounded by a wall 2 kilometers by 2 kilometers, and the walls were surrounded by a moat. The water from the moat was taken from the Huong River (Perfume River) that flows through Huế. This structure is called the citadel.

Inside the citadel was the Imperial City, with a perimeter of almost 2.5 kilometers.

Inside the Imperial City was the imperial enclosure called the Purple Forbidden City in Vietnamese, a term similar to the Forbidden City in Beijing. The enclosure was reserved for the Nguyen imperial family.

The city was made a UNESCO site in 1993.

from wiki.

went to the Citadel by this tricycle:

pakcik too fast too furious ;p

here is our stop:-

a citadel in a citadel within a citadel.

seriously, i was amazed by the Citadel's structure and history.
masa pergi sana, it felt like i was brought back to the past. back to the ancient period.
being there, made me feel like i was one of the Shaolin Temple movie cast -
ooh terus teringat cerita feveret : Mulan. hihiihi
*motif buat gelak gedik?? haha*~

kalau tak pernah baca pasal the legend of this Imperial City pun takpe sebab kat sana ada video yang menceritakan pasal history Imperial City dengan lebih detail. kalau korang history-buff like *ahem* me, confirm korang akan suka tempat ni :)

ini bukan orang Vietnam.
she's a tourist too, from Ohio.
nak pakai baju tu & bergambar ala Maharani kena bayar.
so nak jimat, amek gambar dengan orang yang dah bayar je laa. haha~

crouching tiger, hidden dragon~

sayangnya banyak dah musnah sebab perang.. :(

time's up.
jom balik~

crossing the Perfume River

had lunch at a French Bakery:

yup. this is a charity bakery, to help the poor.. :(

and it's time to continue our journey to Hoi An..

dapat seat baru! hehe~
apa barang bas 2 tingkat.
kitorang naik bas-katil-2-tingkat okayyyy! ;p

On the way to Danang:

kalau dapat naik train, lagi best sebab view lagi cantik.
route bas & train lain so ini je la yang dapat kami tengok..
ni pun dah cantik :)

Hampir sampai ke Danang:

R&R @ Danang :

to be continued.....

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