3:54 AM

i've been working along with expatriate colleagues for 3 years now.
but today is the first time i got to work with a Mat Saleh.
gila annoying, i tell u!
anyway, i won't tell you further about my work.
i just wanna share something that came up when i was discussing about my project with the Mat Saleh.
just so you know, i made a google map function in his website.
he kinda like it. and he said that google map is very good, you can bla bla bla..
*ape entah dia mengarut.aku pun tak ingat. haha.  ye la kan, sah-sah la aku tahu &  pernah guna google map, kalau tak, buat apa lah aku buat function tu dalam website dia..? gila punya orang :-/ *

and suddenly he asked me,
"have you seen Mecca from Google Map..?"
i was like.. "huh?"
and he continued;
" i think you are a pretty good Muslim. You should see it in Satelite View. you can also get direction from your house to Mecca."
and again, i was like.. "Err.."
ye la kan, obviously kalau nak pergi Mekah, akan naik katebang, so apekejadahnya nak find direction from my house..? T__T
and then i asked him;
"why did you search for Mecca?"

he didn't answer.


Hada Labo

i wanna tell you about Hada Labo that i've been using for 2 weeks now.
but i think it'll be in the next entry kot. he.

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