4D3N Guilin-Lipu-Yangshuo Tour at RM99!

9:04 PM

Have I told you that our Vietnam's 10 days trip cost us less than RM2K? yup. no jokes. all included : accommodation + transportation (3 flights/train tickets/bus/taxi/boat) + food.

And let me tell you this, planning for holiday/travel is easy BUT planning for the budget?that's the tricky part (oh, except if you are filthy rich- you don't have to continue reading this. he. )

you have to make budget for everything . and when i say everything, i mean EVERYTHING.

where to go. where to eat. where to stay. how much does it cost. do you speak the language. how to transport from one place to another. how long the journey takes.. yada yada.

yerp. it's complicated. especially if you've never been to the place. it's a HEADACHE!

you want to travel, but you DON'T WANT the headache and you WANT to stick to small budget?
well.. your wish do comes true!

there's a Milkadeal promotion which'll cost you RM99 only!!! well of course, there's TNC. this is only a ground arrangement. you have to buy the air-fare by yourselves. but hey, no worries, A*rAsia alwaysssss have great promotion, kan? *grin*

OMG! this is totally makes me miss this place! :(

Escape the rush and engage in plush cool air!

Ground Arrangements for 4D3N Guilin-Lipu-Yangshuo Tour at RM99 instead of RM599 from HwaJing Travel & Tours.

What You'll Get
4D3N Hotel Accommodation
Tourist Guide Services
Meals as stated in the tour itinerary (non-halal) -> i am not sure if you can ask them to provide Halal food.
Air-conditioned tourist bus

Jing Jiang Wang Ling
Elephant Trunk Hill
Fu Bo HIll
The Fighting Hill
Moon Hill
West Street
Rong Lake Scenic Area
Jiuqu Bridge
South Gate
Gold & Silver Tower
Zhenyang Gate Walking Street
Lipu-Multistorey- Karsts Cave
3 breakfasts, 3 lunches & 3 dinners
2 nights in Guilin, 1 night in Yangshuo

Redemption Period: 26 July 2011 - 26 January 2012

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