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Energy Saving Bulbs will come in different shapes on the market with different ratings in terms of Voltage or Watts and they will definitely save our pockets especially that, we are buying electricity in our respective houses. However, these types of bulbs, if broken can cause serious danger as it contains Mercury (poisonous).

and FYI: Mercury Is dangerous, more poisonous than lead or arsenic!

Some Health and Safety issues on these Low - Energy Light Bulbs:
  • skin cancer
  • causing migraines
  • possibly triggering epileptic seizers in people with photosensitive epilepsy
  • increase skin rashes if a person has a light sensitive skin
  • cause discomfort for people suffering from lupus (a condition which causes swelling and pain as the body attacks its own tissue) 
  • and so forth, the light bulb itself contains enough mercury to be a cause for concern.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suggests to do the following if one of these bulbs break in your home/anywhere these bulb can be found:

1. Evacuate the room for at least 15 minutes: make sure no one inhales any dust.
2. DO NOT VACUUM the shards up; because it would spread the contamination to other rooms in the house when using the vacuum cleaner again
3. Wear RUBBER GLOVES and sweep them away with a normal broom or brush ; OR  pick up the shards using sticky tape as protection from the mercury.
4. SEAL the broken pieces in a plastic bag, to dispose of at a council dump.
5. REMEMBER : DO NOT throw the broken pieces in your normal household bin!

TheTravelJunkieLady says:
kat Malaysia ni, ada tak badan2 yang bertanggungjawab untuk menguruskan recycling CFL bulb ni seperti nih? cause  from what i've read here, Department of Environment (DOE) official discloses that the agency is working on a take-back system for electronics and electrical items under the Environmental Quality Act – Environmental (Scheduled Waste) Regulation 2005. - dengan kata lainnya, polisi mengenai handling CFL bulb ni belum wujud lagi la kan..? masih dalam proses katanya. hmm.

and btw, bukan setakat CFL bulb je yang hazard, tapi as i quote from here ;
"Depending on what sort of light bulb you are using, be it incandescent, fluorescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs, you could be still be releasing toxics such as lead polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and liquid mercury into the environment.."

so, lepas ni jangan la buang light bulb merata-rata lagi yek. kena dispose properly. kalau takde tempat recylce, nampak gayanya kena la simpan dalam storage area buat sementara waktu..

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