nak cantik tapi kedekut. adeiii~

9:43 PM

so, harini first time aku pakai SKII.
being a stingy person when it comes to buying beauty products, this is totally a new revelation to me. heh.
i blame it to Hada Labo - i like it so much, enough to compel me to buy SKII.

FYI, Hada Labo doesn't really give any impact to my skin.
aku rasa macam lagi kering ada la kot. huhu.
tapi entah, lepas pakai Hada Labo buat aku rasa macam kena try juga pakai SKII.

i've been dying to try SKII after Maritza Ferer told me that's what she's been using all this time.
and let me tell you this, kulit dia memang vadavast okay!
cantik, licin, flawless - the most perfect skin i've ever seen!
the type yang kalau dia bangun tidur tak basuh muka, tak pakai bedak whatsoever pun, she's still nampak cantik.
i know because she was my roomate.
and now, after 5 years, kulit dia langsung takde effect dengan masa. like sort of frozen eventhough time flies. ceh. ayat tak agak2. hehe.

so yeah.
now i'm also jumping on the SKII bandwagon.
tapi cuma mampu beli the Miracle Water tu je la. haha.
dunno what'll happen next - just hope takde kesan buruk sudah.
i have a jerawat-free skin, which is thank God for that, but i also have a very dry skin.
cepat tua la sebab cepat dapat wrinkles. tskk. :(
so i hope the Pitera thing will stop the aging process.

as if umur kau boleh aging backward macam Benjamin Button kalau kau pakai SKII. noteveninyourwildestdream la weiii~ *talk to self*

My skincare regime:
(for my own reference & sebagai bukti betapa stingy nya aku. huhuhu~)

1. Olay White Radiance Facial Wash
2. St Ives Facial Scrub (twice a week)
3. Olay White Radiance Protective Cream
4. Maybeline Angelfit
5. Nivea Lip Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm

..kalau rajin..
6. Eyeliner (Elianto)
7. Blusher (Maybeline) -but i'm using Elianto brush.

..kalau pergi event @ hotel(which is likely once in a blue moon. haha)..
+ Maybeline BB Cream
+ Maybeline Mascara
+ Loreal Lipgloss
+ Loreal Eyeshadow

+ Victoria's Secret Body Wash (Love Spell)
+ Victoria's Secret Body Scrub (Love Spell)
+ Victoria's Secret Lotion (currently Sheer Love) - ni aku selalu tukar-tukar. so far dah guna : Sheer Love, Berry Kiss, Sweet Temptation, Secret Charm, Secret Crush, Pure Seduction. tapi my all time favorite will always be Love Spell :)
+ The Body Shop Nail Buffer
+ The Body Shop Nail Block
+The Body Shop Foot Scrub
+The Body Shop Foot File

(err..okay so i'm not totally stingy when it comes to body care. hee)

ok tu je babai~

gambar sebelum ber-SKII-ing :)

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