The Nanny

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The story revolves around Jo Green, a bright but unfulfilled twenty-three-year-old nanny living in provincial England who takes a job with an upper class family in London. Little that she knows that she lands a surprise nanny job with the cosmopolitan and dysfunctional (of course) Fitzgerald family, she trades in her quiet smalltown home and her unexceptional boyfriend, Shaun, for life amid the bright lights of London. Duties include looking after Tallulah, Zak and Cassie (four, six and eight, respectively), keeping mum during parents Dick and Vanessa's constant bickering and getting along with Dick's sons by a previous marriage, Toby, 13, and Josh, 25. Unlike Jo's parents' shouting matches, the Fitzgeralds' marital rows consist of sarcastic verbal jousting ("Jo had never heard `darling' used as a term of abuse before"), while the younger children's squabbling is frequent and forgettable rather than funny.

i borrowed this book from A since.. errr.. 2007, me think.
first time i read the book, it was so dragging, that i never get to finish it. heck, i never even get to finish the first chapter!
but since i'm someone who'll finish what i started (whatever and however stupid/boring it is), i never give it back to A, thinking that one day i'll finish it once and for all.

but years come and go.. i never even took a glimpse at it. kesian kan, that book? :(

last weekend, however.. i braced myself and pray to God to make me strong enough to finish the book. hehe.

i still find the first part of The Nanny is boring.
it tells the story of the pathetic Jo's life in her little dull village - which is the whole point of the story anyway. Jo left her boring hometown for a new challenge. i missed that point earlier in 2007 ;p

The Nanny starts to be interesting once Jo moves to London. She's busy, handling the mad and complicated Fitzgeralds' family. Aahh.. the Fitzgeralds family is surely entertaining! with the 3 little kids yang super adorable ( i pictured one of Jude Law's daughter in The Holiday as the 4 year-old Talullah in The Nanny. ngee~) and not only the 3 kids, she's also have to take care of Toby, Dick's son from previous marriage and last but not least, she has to face Josh, 25-years-old Dick's son (Toby's brother) whom she shares her suite with.

it was hilarious! it was crazy!
i can't put down the book. and i was reading it while i was having stomach-cramp!
i can say, it's a predictable story.
but the funny dialogues and the funny setting that makes this novel a worth to read.
(fyi, i'm smiling while writing this!)

and plus, it was written from different perspectives : Jo the Nanny, the kids, the Scary Spouse, etc.
The part i love the most is reading from the kids' view. Cassandra (i am soooo gonna name my daughter Cassandra, boleh? hahaha. ) remind me of how insecure i was when i was in primary school. no. i didn't have the me-against-the-world issue. i had a great circle of friends. and yes, i was a teacher's pet ;p . but there's one time when i was in Standard 6, a feud came up when i was about to moved to Melaka. there's the crying and the yelling. it wasn't pretty, i tell you! masa tu memang gila vavi punya insecure la, kan. sedih and everything. but then we were all in good terms again. and by the time i moved to Melaka, we kept writing letters and call to each other. and all is right with the world again :) ( and i was the popular girl in the new school, btw ;p )

i think The Nanny is more of a family-book. it has everything. how parents try to balance their work life with their children. how young children try to cope their little life with the world. the husband and wife issue. the difference mind between the village-life and the city-life. and then there's romance story here and there. and honestly, i wept twice while reading The Nanny!

i laugh. i cry. and i love it~! :)

The Nanny, written by the late Melissa Nathan who has passed away of Cancer.

ps: my books finally safely arrived today. ho yeahh! ^__^

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