Playing Laser Tag (in KL) is awesome!!

1:51 AM

wanna be as awesome as Barney Stinson? ;)

well he's the one who said Playing Laser Tag is awesome; aside from suiting up and err.. girls ( if-you-know-what-i-mean ;p ) .

anyway, i remember Anneh said something about playing laser tag in KL, but i thought he was kidding.
and i've never googled about it too.
i mean, who would wanna join me playing laser tag anyway?:(

but of course, i really, really like REALLY wanna try playing laser tag.
it sounds like fun, kan? ke aku je yang poyo rasa macam tu? hehe~
but seriously, i'm a fan of Paintball, so i certainly think i'll enjoy the Laser Tag as well ^_^

it turns out rupanya memang betul-betul ada Laser Tag kat sini.
cumanya, bukan kat KL, tapi kat i-City.

wanna give it a try?
there's a MAD promo:
RM27 instead of RM54 for 3 sessions of Exciting Laser Tag Game at Laser Warzone, I-City

ooh i want i want i so want!
jom la pegi sebelum puasa ni jom!! ^__^

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