Saturday Night's Magical Musical :)

10:42 PM

i spent the whole Saturday at Bandar Sunway or specifically ; Sunway Pyramid (SP) during the day, and at Sunway Lagoon by night.

why Sunway..?

well my dear, i was frustrated (i still am, btw) for not being able to see Sound of Music last month. but fret not, the frustration was cured as soon as I stepped into Sunway Lagoon's Amphiteatre to see Magical Musical - from the West End production's performers. oh yeahhh~! ^__^

Being a loyal music fan, this is surely one thing that i'll NEVER want to missed out.
mana taknya, ini adalah pementasan musical medley yang menggabungkan musical numbers dari pementasan/filem muzikal hit seperti Mamma Mia (my personal favorite), Grease (screammmm y'all!) , Saturday Night Fever, Footloose, Hairspray, Dreamgirls, etc.  
(yeah yeah i'm old at heart. shut up ;p )

so as soon as i saw the advert on the telly, i asked Anneh if he wanted to come and watch the show as he once told me that he wanted to see Saturday Night Fever. nasib baik dia kata nak, so yes..! ada geng! weehoo! :)

and i don't know if luck is on my side, but somehow when i was reading The Sun, there's a 25% discount coupon in it!  wheeee sukeee sukeee sukeeeeee! hehehe~

so, comes Saturday, off we went to Sunway Lagoon to buy the ticket.

oh i miss Sunway Lagoon. i've done several things that i never thought that i'd do in here, 4 years ago.
like, for example -  segayat-gayat ai, ai naik juga Pirate Revenge itu. sempat la rasa macam dah takde jantung sekejap. haha. 
i never regret it, though. it was fun.  
honestly, compared to Genting Highland, i love Sunway Lagoon more. 
haihh, bila la dapat pergi bersuka-ria kat sana lagi.. 

and now let's go and see the show!

1. for those who don't know, the entrance is between Sunway Pyramid Hotel and Euphoria/Ministry of Sound.
2. btw, we bought the Yellow Zone ticket, but we got to sit in the Blue Zone. another luck..?;) 
3. by purchasing the ticket, you're entitled with 30% discount for Sunway Lagoon's entrance fee.

"Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight?" -Summer Night. 
 the first time i heard this song, i was only 11 years old!

the lighting effect totally made that night feels magical..

yang bestnya, dekat row kitorang ada a group of ladies yang sangat super cool and sporting. they were waving.. dancing.. sempoi gila. 

even the lighting-man (?) pun sempoi. siap menari-nari juga. 

what..? ME....? 
nahhhh. i mean, at first no. 
but as the show coming to an end, 
haku pun sama berdancing juga masa lagu Saturday night Fever. 
tunjuk langit, yaww! haha.

i was extremely tired, but hell, i had a great night! :)

honestly, the performance was okay.  it was't that great. choreography pun biasa je. definitely not up to my expectation. and yes, i'm comparing it to The West Side Story that i watched last year. beza gila, ok? their (Magical Musical) moves weren't synchcronized. siap ada sorang dancer ni terlepas payung masa lagu Umbrella. like.. wth?

and what's with one of the singer? he can sing, but he can't dance? that's so weird. 

i think the stage was saved by the hits songs. and the lighting effect. man, hats off to the penjaga lampu spotlight. i likeeee! especially the fairy lights. alololor.. mood romantik sungguh jadinya. comel lah.  hehe~ 

apapun, i still had fun that night.  
with the right song, you can never go wrong :)

actually, we were 8 minutes late. sesat cari entrance. lepastu kena queue panjang sebab tunggu turn naik tram masa dekat Surf Beach. so if you guys are going to see Magical Musical , be sure to be at the Surf Beach at least 15 minutes before the show starts. in other words, you have  to be at Sunway Lagoon 20 @ 25 minutes before the show.

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