Ship Ship Away to Krabi-Phuket yaww!

10:22 AM

i didn't tell you this, but i was very very VERY EXTREMELY busy this week.
i have a lot of works. but i can deal with that.
hey, i've been in this business for four years, so i'm used to it.
yang tak tahan tu, i have to attend 2 days workshop which start after lunch until 10pm for 2 freaking days!
and what sad is, i have to come to the office in the morning, before  proceed to the hotel for the after- lunch-workshop.

the only upside is, well.. makan 3 kali sehari free. heh.
the  downside is, i was not supposed to be there.
the workshop (it's actually a brain-storming session) is for the big-head of the Co.
while me, hurm.. i'm just a teenie tiny minion yang tak effect pape pun to the Co., but yet, there was I,
pretending i was listening & taking part in whatever-they-discussed.
(but it was a good experience for me. i'm so gonna need this knowledge when i become a CIO/boss/manager someday. muahahha. verangan tak sudah =p)

bila busy macam ni,
semestinya lah super penat sebab sampai rumah dah tentulah dah jam 11 malam,
hati bagai ditarik-tarik untuk pergi bercuti.

i wanna stroll along the beach.
i wanna sleep in the hammock in an island.
i wanna swim in the ocean.
i wanna say hi to Nemo while snorkeling.

gosh how i miss Krabi!

i didn't have a 'proper' holiday while i was in Krabi.
i think next time, if God will (insya Allah),
i wanna go there by a cruise.

honestly, i never thought that we can do that here in Malaysia. 
i thought we can go there only by air plane or ground transportation, until i saw this:

RM715 instead of RM2060 for 3N Penang-Phuket-Krabi-Penang Holiday aboard Superstar Libra Star Cruise including Meals & Entertainment. Estimated Total Payable is RM956

gila murah kotttt!
offer dari #MilkADeal.
sesuai la sape2 nak pergi hanimun.
tak pun. untuk sape2 yang feeling Pisau Cukur kalau nak pergi pun bolei jugak ;p  ngeh3.

i really could use a holiday on a cruise please....

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