Transformers 3 : Dark of The Moon

10:27 PM

i went to see the most-talk-of-the-town movie: Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon last Sunday, right after the wedding. Loki said that all tickets were sold out, but i managed to get good seats that evening. nyahahaha~ ^_^

so, let's talk about the movie, shall we?

the movie was okay. compared to Transformers 2, i think Dark of The Moon is better. it's not as good as Transformers 1 obviously, but it's still entertaining.

i think it's mostly about cool cars.. and  sexy chick driving sexy car. and owh, let's not to forget; a handsome rich bastard. haha.

gosh i hate it. same 'ol. same 'ol.  it's always the 'prince charming' rescuing 'damsel in distress'. Sam trying to rescue Carly. yada yada. bosan.

and i think Carly is too gorgeous to be Sam's girlfriend. macam tak sesuai je.. and seriously, ai memang tak boleh blah dengan situation Sam dalam cerita kali ni. he saved the world twice, and yet he's unemployed..?? like, apakah..??

jalan cerita sangatttt ringan/longgar dan sangattttt predictable. aiyaaa.. frust betul ai dibuatnya. huhu~

and btw i think, dorang masih racist. haha. asal Black je, mesti ada lame jokes. tapi ai gelak la jugak, kan.. like, when one of the guys said "i don't care if this building is falling down, i'm having a heart attack anyway". lol!

What I like about this movie:

1. again, sexy cool car. hehehe.
2. when they show the flashback of Apollo's launching. the famous Neil's 'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'. in which, also makes me wonder.. what else did they [US] hide from us..?? (haha. macam la dorang betul-betul jumpa robot. hihi )
3. the tactical team. masa yang dorang terjun udara, to distract the Decepticons. teringat Yuna dalam iklan Libresse. kuakuakua. tapi berjaya buat ai rasa nak try sky diving juga (tapi aku gayat! macam mana tu? huhu).

but anyway, i like that scene. honestly, ai tak suka dorang daripada Transformers 1 sebab hello.. manusia nak lawan giant robot? macam tak logik. rasa macam poyo je ada watak2 tu. tapi dalam Dark of The Moon nih memang ai tabik spring toing toing. oh ya, scene tu juga buat ai merindui Paintball (haha apa kaitan ;p).

psstt, kawan-kawan, jom la kita pegi main Paintball..... 

4. i loveeee Agent Simmons and his sidekick. :D

and last but not least;
5. the Giant Robots! ^__^

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