Let's go to Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shanghai & Hangzhou

1:06 AM

when i wrote this entry, i was err i mean, M and I were making rough itinerary for China trip. kitorang dah ada route, tapi tak finalize on budget, hotel, food, etc. it's gonna be the same as Vietnam, we're gonna cover semua route kat China. hehe. Route tu pun aku buat as adviced by kawan aku yang dah travel hampir satu dunia, which he mostly done by backpacking. tapi i think it's too early to make a budget sebab tak confirm lagi nak ke China. i'm planning to go further, actually ;)

tapi kan, tetiba arini tengok ada offer Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shanghai & Hangzhou.
RM799 je and it's for 2 person!!
route hampir sama dengan apa yang kitorang dah plan.

aiseh.. M takde pulak.. offshore.
the thing is, M was the one yang excited nak ke China.. iskh.

by the way, ni offer RM799 tu:

1) 3 star Hotel Accommodation
2) Tour Guide Services
3) Meals as stated in the tour itinerary (Non-Halal)
4) Travel in Air-conditioned tourist bus

siapa2 yang interested nak pergi China, sila ke sini untuk further details.

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