without boundaries : island and beaches

6:43 PM

i've been meaning to write an entry about 8tv's Without Boundaries ever since the 'Welcome to the Rail World' series last year. the series reminded me of my trip to Gunung Stong and Kenong Rimba Park; which i commuted from JB to Kelantan & Pahang by train. i was an undergraduate student, then. Went there with my friends during semester break and it was helluva fun! ^___^

last night i watched Without Boundaries: Island and Beaches that was hosted by that pretty-face hunk, none other than Henry Golding yawww! ye saye tengok sebab ada host yang handsome. so yeah i'm superficial like that. hahaha ;p

ok ok i'm just kidding. even if it's not Henry, i'd still love to watch the show cause hellooooo.. it's island and beaches, that's like my most favorite place in the world! And btw, so far i've only watched him in Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Pangkor and Pulau Layang-Layang (i think so. i forgot the island's name. eughh. i feel so old oredi. tskk.) I think Henry is a fun to watch . sebab dia macam sengal and kelakar je.. hehe.

Anddddd.. in last night episode, he went to Singamata! OMG! how come i didn't know there's a Singamata in Semporna?? i thought the only island left that i'd love to go the next time i'm in Sabah would be the Pulau Mataking. and now i have to add Singamata too??? this is so unfair. Henry, you are a one lucky dude ;p

As a recap for last night episode, the team went to Sipadan Island, together with the Polis Marine. that's cool. sebab dulu saye pernah naik bot Jabatan Laut dari Kuala Kedah ke Pulau Payar. hotel 3 bintang bergerak. best! hehe. Too bad the team (8tv) went there only for a short time. i thought i'd be be watching Henry dived in Sipadan. Sipadan is like diver's heaven kot.. So it's quite frustrating when there's no footage of him diving with sharks. haha~

Henry definitely turned me to be a green monster when he accidentally happened to be in Semporna during Regatta Lepa! that's awesome dude! i wish i was there too. (but i've attended the Bajau Laut Wedding Ceremony, so we're even la, kan? haha)

See, there's a LOT to see in Malaysia alone. i went to Sabah twice, and i still have a lot of place to go to. ini baru Sabah.. belum negeri lain lagi. iskh.

in case you've missed it, the repeat show is on Saturday, 10.30 am.. or you can watch it in tonton.com :) (wahh haku ni buat promo macam keje dengan 8tv la pulak ;p )

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