i want you to fight for me.

4:28 AM

it never occured to me that i'll be seeing Real Steel in the cinema. i'm not a fan of sci-fi movie anyway. robot?alien? naah,i'll pass. EXCEPT for Transformers and Wall-E je la yer. hehe.

looking from the trailer shown in the telly laaaagi la buat aku sumpah taknak tengok movie ni. ye la, mana taknya..movie pasal robot dan gusti. iskh. cam bangang je.hahaha.

but then today Ana dragged me to see Real Steel after we watched Three Musketeers. being sceptical, i said to her that i'll probably gonna sleep in the cinema for the entire movie. boy,was I wrong!

mula-mula memang agak bosan. opening movie adalah lagu country. duhhhh. but then, it started to get my attention once Charlie (jackman) shows his robot to 3 little girls. hmmm. interesting. pastu panjang la citer dia (korang tengok sendiri), tapi dipendekkan, charlie yang selama ni bujang dikhabarkan berita yang dia diberi hak penjagaan anaknya yang berumur 11 tahun selepas ex gf dia meninggal dunia. he never see his kid,so he never bother to accept the custody.. tapi last- last dia jaga anak dia buat sementara waktu di atas sebab yang korang kena tengok sendiri. hehe. tak best la kalau citer. tak saspen ;p

the reason i blog about this is because the robot (Atom), not only it can kick-a**, it can dance to hip hop too, yawww! i loikeeee! the last time i heard so many Eminem's numbers was.. hmm.. in 8 Mile kot. that was like almost 10 years ago kot :p ok la. ok la. x sampai la 10 tahun,but still..

anyway, Real Steel is a fun to watch! serious buat rasa nak ada robot yang cool macam Atom tu sendiri. kinda comel macam Bumble Bee in the first Transformers =)
bila Max and Atom dance together to the hip hop, i found myself hayun kepala jugak. kuangkuangkuang.

apapun, citer ni memang best! it's about father-son relationship. and for guys, korang konfem la suka citer lawan-lawan,kan? this is totally for u. and for girls, well.. it's quite sweet (and cute too, perhaps?).

if i can enjoy this movie, so do you =)

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