Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sick cycle carousel

last but not least..

hahaha. tetiba tergelak bila baca ni.
Barney i miss you ;p

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Lily Riani said...

i normally read your blog from my phone so sometimes mmg susah nak reply. i wanted to ask this, you mentioned ur dad n urself studied in DIIS, kat mana tuh... curious giler :)

¬™miruL™ said...

If shame had a face, I think it would kind of look like mine.. If it had a home would it be my eyes. Would you believe me if I said I'm tired of this? Well here we go now one more time ;)

Gil Ra Im said...

i understand..sbb i pun slalu baca from phone jgk. hehe :) oh, bukan kat DIIS, actually, i mention DSI - Dewan Sri Iskandar. Dewan besar/konvo @ UTM. local university je, yang ;)

pandai! ;p