be romantic. can you?

7:32 PM

i always have this soft spot for musician.
ok. not only musician.
you know how i'm crazy over music, don't you?
so any guy who can sings to me is definitely can makes me fall head over heel ;p

in my lifetime,

i never really had anyone sings to me, though.
tapi antara yang paling comel, there's this guy that i, well.. 'teman-tapi-mesra' with,
who don't know how to play guitar, and he definitely can't sing either, asked his friend to play a guitar for us while we were talking.. boleh?segan jugak la time tu. he.
tapi yeah. he was so sweet.

others? hurm..
songs dedication? yes! i don't know about you, but to me, it's romantic~!
and my ultimate fav song until now is always : Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse.
if you're the avid reader of this blog since years ago, you'd know about this.
i think, that is one of the best-sweet-love song EVER!
i was in form 5 matric when that song was a hit... and as if he can read my mind, it was dedicated by B to me.. ahhh.. so high-school! lol ~

i always thought that it'd be nice to have someone to share a cup (or plenty) of coffee with.. while listening to some good music on a perfect Sunday morning.

is anyone of you're planning to propose or maybe celebrate your couple/wedding anniversary?
if you do, how about making a video of it?

Serenade your perfect mate with a romantic music video!

Who is your perfect mate to share that cup of coffee with? Coffee-mate knows that it is important to show your loved ones just how special they are.

Dedicate a special song created by you with pictures from the sweet moments you share together to make the perfect music video. You can choose how 'pekat' you want this romantic dedication to be, but we recommend that you should make it kaw kaw ;)

more details, click here.

my current mood (playlist):

DJ Fuzz & Noh Hujan - Selamat Pagi Sayang
Bo - Lagu
Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
Uncle Kracker - Smile
Lifehouse - Hanging by A Moment
Gym Class Heroes & Maroon 5 - Stereo Heart
Edwin McCain - I'll Be
Aril AF7 - Menatap Matamu

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