Life is a cliche, isn't it?

6:39 PM

So recently i've experienced a lot of cliche' momento.
the 'you don't know what u miss til it's gone' kinda thing.

it's sux.

i cried a lot ever since that stupid thing that i did last 2 weeks.
to tell you the truth, i was crying when i wrote this.
sedih gila kot.
entah hapehape entah.
sendiri decide, sendiri sedih.

everyone makes mistake.
somehow i'm glad i did that.
otherwise i wouldn't know how i really felt.
(well, honestly, right now i still have no idea. haha.)

i guess, it's like taking a break-
a little getaway after a long, hard work.
to take some time off to cool down, to havea little bit of fun, to rest your mind before pushing the restart button, back to the reality.

i'm not sure how this (my life) is gonna end.
i hope things will get better.
i hope God will show me the right way, the correct path to take.

apa pun,
yang penting:

‎~~Maksud sayang pada saya adalah = Hendak masuk SYURGA bersama...~~


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