2011 is almost over. how did you do this year?

8:43 PM

Before 2012 shows up, let's take a pause, and rewind.
flashback to what had happened this year.

As for me, well.... let's see...


Not much.


Most of it are for weddings. like, in February i went down south to Johor for Maritza Ferer's wedding. she's married. yeaayy! (hey where's my souvenir from Swiss & Paris?? hurm. -__-'' )

anyway, during my stay here (Johor) i made a plan with CP and Wana to go have fun in Singapore sometime in July. which, didn't work out as all of us are too busy, we couldn't find time to escape :(

later in May, went up north to Perak, for Arien's wedding. ok fine. tak la North sangat kannn. kat Perak je. hihi. sempat singgah Tambun, tapi tak masuk pun. poyo je amek gambar kat luar. hihi~

Have a short 1 night stay in Port Dickson for Pak Lah's wedding in October. it was fun fun funnn! got to meet up with the gang and it feels like we're brought back to our university's heyday again..but with babies. lol.

oh. i've planned to go to Pulau Langkawi for Pak Lah's reception too, but that plan didn't work out as well. i have used my annual leave for my arwah Atok's funeral, so i didn't have any cuti left for Pak Lah's reception. :(

and finally, i went to Terengganu for 24 hours for my BIL's side wedding reception.

utara. selatan. timur. barat. phew. (^__^)


The backpacking trip to Vietnam is my highlight for year 2011. A trip that i could never forget. the most AWESOMEst trip EVER! dari utara, ke selatan Vietnam. From the highland, to the sea. by air plane, by train, by boat. the hiking in Sapa is what i love the most. berjalan-jalan sebelah baa-alif-baa-yaa. kau ado? hahaha~

Teater / Theatre

ehh. Tu je????!
ok sape nak jadi Teman Teater saye next year sila angkat keyboard sekarang plish..


Same 'ol. Same 'ol. Except that, i think i'm about to lose someone that is very dear to me. someone that has been close to me all this years. Have i made a mistake? I'm not sure. i just hope one day, he'll find in his heart to forgive me eventhough i know i don't deserve it. :(


i have a trust issue, yes. but if a guy can proves to me that he's able to take care of me, always here for me, i don't think those issues will be a problem anymore.. kan?

anyway, for 2012 - i just wanna go with the flow. if things bound to happen, it'll happen dengan izin ALLAH.
maybe i should consider to let my parents choose the guy for me, no? (^__-)v


For this year, Alhamdulillah. the highest $a7ary raise so far.. got the usual b0nu$ too. next year is also looking good. The Co. has announced the raise starting Jan 2012. Syukur. but am also looking out for better opportunity too. i've been here for too long. next May's gonna be the 5th year. hoho~


Early this year, my younger sister (Angah) has engaged with her lovelife. finally. dah bertahun aku dengar dorang nak bertunang, tapi asek postponed je (-__-''). Now that she's engaged, the wedding is also will be happening by the end of this year. woohoo!

And Alhamdulillah.. everything went well on the 25th & 26th of November this year. Our first family wedding. The experience that i could never forget. Fun. Happy. But i was totally worn out as hell. rasa macam next time when i get married, i'll just do it in the Pejabat Kadi. tak penat nak kemas rumah ;p

and oh, Big Brah.. Welcome to the family.
With this new addition, now i have 7 adiks! lol.
(Lily, i think that's answered your question. hehe)


I lost my dear Atuk this year. the only Atuk that i have. I can't stop crying- i still feel guilty for not being a good grandchild for him while he's still alive. After he lost his ability to talk, i didn't know how to talk to him. i always thought that if i make him speak, it will only hurt him. so i never talk to him. sebab kesian sangat tengok dia tak berdaya nak cakap. lepas tu, kalau dia cakap pun, i couldn't understand him. it's frustrating and sad, you know? Seeing him struggling to try to say a word.

When Mom called and said 'Atuk dah meninggal', it felt like the world has stopped. Tears run down. heart breaks. :(

This is the second loss for this year. A friend of mine, Wan has passed away in April due to lung cancer. he was a good guy. funny. kind. charming with the ladies. (hehe). sengal (haha). i felt crushed, seeing him lay helplessly on the hospital bed in the ICU. he's gone, leaving a very beautiful wife and a very cute daughter behind. sedey sangat.. T__T

Al-Fatihah buat yang telah pergi menemui Maha Pencipta..



i forgot to include this.
For this year, i'm owning a Canon G12 & an Android Smartphone.
My goodness, i love my phone! i should be thankful for the invention of this super multi purpose gadget. Free Games. Free Apps. Free SMS. Free Call
(well, provided that you have a data plan as well, la kan. hihi) ;p
And as for the G12 -
Hmm.. i should learn more how to use this camera. ISO, Aperture, Exposure.. blablabla.. dah dekat setahun pakai pun, still tak reti nak guna. tau PNS je, pastu reti sikit-skit guna ISO & Exposure. yang lain memang haram tatau. huhu~

So, that's pretty much how 2011 has treated me.
My hopes and wishes for 2012 might coming up in the next entry.. or not. hehe.

so how's your 2011? come & share with me.

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