If this was a movie, you’d be here right now

9:05 PM

  1. I haven't write much these days.
    i've been having this on & off fever ever since the wedding day is over and it's been a week now.
    i dunno for how much longer i can take this.
    i feel like i'm a zombie.

    ok. scratch that.

    i think i am one of The Cullens now.
    Pale face walking in the rain (skang kan musim hujan. theheheehe).

    but seriously,
    this sakit sucks. i don't want to complaint when i should be grateful for this sakit.
    it's just that, i've been having sleepless night everyday.
    batuk teruk. pastu breathing difficulty. and then comes the shivering as well..
    Ahhh..kan ke best kalau ada Jacob. #ehtetiba. APA KAU NAK KENA LEMPANG?? hahahahahaha ;p

    tapi apa pun, sesungguhnya selsema adalah tak best. kat opis, dorang kata aku bukak kedai cendol. ceissss. bertuah punya opismate. T__T

    oh and by the way, i just found out betapa bestnya bernafas dalam wap air panas bila selsema teruk camni. hihi~


  2. da lama rasa tak review pasal movie. malas kot. the latest one: Breaking Dawn tak berapa best. is it me or Twilight (I) is the only one yang best of all 4 movies? T__T

  3. Heard so much review on Ombak Rindu. Nak tengok jugak!!! huhuhu~ Batuk, Selsema.. cepat-cepat la go away please.

  4. Taylor Swift is truly a good writer/composer. i loveeee the 'If This Was A Movie' lyric. memang macam movie. she dreams too much? ;p

  5. Recently i sort of have a daily dosage of sunshine every morning. ngeee~ . ^__^

ok tu je nak bagitau.
sekian :)

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