the mood swings that can turn angels into bitches

8:26 PM

** tapi kalau the guys nak baca pun vole~ **

i bet most of women hate it.
and i'm one of them.

penat okay, nak mengadap benda ni every month.
setiap perempuan might experience different things.

ada yang tak teruk, ada yang teruk.
and as for myself - it's mental torturing!!

it starts 7-10 days before the 'actual day' :-


Yes, I'm talking about the crazy mood swings that can turn angels into bitches, and transform Mother Theresa into a hyena on a rampage. One minute you're laughing joyfully with your friends, and the next minute you slip into a hysterical crying spell just because your pasta is too cold!

Women tend to be more emotional or experience strange mood swings before their period, due to the fluctuation of the hormones progesterone and estrogen. These two hormones play a crucial role in neurological and psychological function which impacts brain function, cognition, emotional status and sensory processing as well as appetite.

13. Potential Murder Suspect.

gosh i hate it!
waktu ni selalunya akan berperasaan sedih tak semena-mena.
the feeling of unwanted and unloveable by others.
tak kira la by siapa-siapa pun:
be it family, friends dan apetah lagi, that special person.
i can cry over every tiny things.
i'll be crying like someone has just died mati tergolek masuk gaung just because a friend/family doesn't texted/call me back no matter what reason.
lambat reply even only for a second also count, ok?
saiko tak?huhu~

like today,
i cried while listening to Remind Me by Brad Paisley.
i cried when M.U asked me 'is something wrong?'
and i wept again when he asked me dah breakfast ke belum!
Tu pun bole nanges, apakah??

this madness will be going on and on until The Day comes.
pastu yang tu cerita lain la pulak, kan : the stomach cramp for 24 hours (more or less)
lepas tu baru lah dunia ku kembali normal.

so freaking tired of this things.
tapi nak buat camno kan, redha je lah.. T__T


The one that caught my attention is the Frozen Banana Yogurt.
easy peasy. will try this evening, insyaAllah

Frozen Banana Yogurt


4 cups vanilla yogurt
1 cup sugar
1 cup whipped cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 3/4 cups mashed bananas


In a bowl, combine yogurt, sugar, whipped cream and vanilla extract. Refrigerate for about half an hour. Bring the mixture out of the refrigerator and add mashed bananas. Put the mixture in the freezer. Serve when it's frozen.

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