Saturday, January 28, 2012

satu fenomena

UAI giving his preach at Masjid Ar-Ridhuan, Ulu Klang.

Ramai sungguh orang yang datang sampaikan tak muat masjid. Like, seriously! Aku rasa macam lagi dasyat dari Solat Sunat Hari Raya kot. I almost thought i cudn't get in as well. Imagine, jam kat tangga dalam masjid! Walaupun dalam ramai2 dan sesak-sesak tu, dalam pada most of the women i met cakap 'tak payah naik atas, dah full, takde space dah', somehow aku naik jugak atas dan Alhamdulillah, i got an ample space for berjemaah bersama. And then amazingly after Maghrib, suddenly came this woman from the front row, asked me to take her place. I was a bit speechless, @_@ and happy :)

Lain sungguh rasanya bila pegi tengok live, compared to tengok dekat Youtube. I mean, the content sama je. But the feeling bila ramai2 camtu, it felt totally different. #untunglah kalau masjid kat Malaysia full macam ni setiap masa..kan?

Thought of sharing some notes in this blog, tapi tadi i saw someone has already post it in FB. You can search for page : Koleksi Short Note Kuliah (Ustaz Azhar Idrus).

By the way, semalam ada perasmian majalah Q&A jugak. Dah ada 2 keluaran, but i bought the 1st edition je. Hee.


Salamu'alaik :)

Ps: arini ada kuliah Maghrib UAI di Masjid Shah Alam.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

an evening in Danga Bay

ok. it wasn't really 'sepetang'.
kitorang kat sini kejap je. tak sampai setengah jam pun.
by the time kitorang sampai, it was about to rain, hence the gloomy cuaca. huhu~

erk. that's what happen when you eat too much 'till you bloated ;p
(i wore Ao Dai - bought & tailored in Hoi An, Vietnam)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Arabs Wedding *update*

continue from this entry.

my family & i went to Johor during CNY holiday to attend our relative's wedding.
FYI, wedding family dorang ni is something not to be missed. seriously!
i'll tell you why later,ok? :)

the walkway to the wedding dais.


my cousin & my sister

nikah dais.

kalau nak tau..
darah Arab family ni masih lagi kuat.
paling seronok time wedding - meriah gila!

see kat atas tu,
ada a few of their relatives yang sporting gila, boleh selamba je menari kat situ.
tu belum malam lagi tau.
kalau malam, laaaaaaaagi happening!~
bak kata cousin aku,
'kalau nak tengok Arab mabuk, tengok malam ni..'.
(mabuk menari tau, bukan mabuk minum ;p )

too bad la, so far semua wedding adik beradik dorang ni aku attend siang je..
tak pernah sempat tengok part malam.
tengok dalam video je.

dua-dua cantik kan?
both are beautiful. smart and successful.
one of them pernah featured in a magazine as a young successful bussiness woman.
they even have their own Travel Agency, okayyy.
jeles tak??? iskh.
aku ni apa pun tader :(

solat sementara tunggu the groom sampai.

haa.. amek kau, ada 2 tol.
dah la ada tol, pastu ada sessi berbalas pantun pulak tu.
kelakar jugak la time nih.

tempat paling strategik 'menonton' acara wedding reception ni.
tau sebab apa..?



betul-betul depan pagola tu ada candy buffet, yawww!~

Haziq melayan perasaan..

us with the brides :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wedding Fever: The Arabs Family

i'm a bit unwell, so will update about the event later. in the meantime, enjoy the pics! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Travel Gear for the Wild Wild Wet

Currently i'm looking for these two things for my trip:

ooh, i found several other cute drybags too!

Dicapac Waterproof Camera Case

i've been wanting to buy those things since 2009. can you believe it?!
i know righttttt? by now i should have those two things, but until now i keep postponed buying it. apesal ntah. konon2 nak beli waterproof camera, tapi terbeli benda lain. selalu macam tu. huhu.
(you can read my rants in here too. lol)

BUT this time around, i'm serious.
i'm gonna buy it, no matter what, by hook or by crook ;p

eh, anyone knows mana nak cari that Dicapac (or any brand) Waterproof Case yang cheaper tak? dalam range RM90 - RM150?
ada yang RM99, tapi i'm not sure about the size, though.
i'm looking for my Canon G12.


*republish entry on 0940*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Apparently, the Discovery Scuba Diving price for the place where i'm going is quite expensive. can reach to +- 160USD=> that'll cost me almost RM500.

if i can't find some other cheaper DSD, i guess i''ll have to say bye bye diving~

ala.... rindu la nak jumpa turtle lagi.. :(

Monday, January 16, 2012

it's not Nim's Island.. but..

Actually, i've been making and planning a travel-route for this upcoming trip. But due to time (and $$$) constraint, i have to cancel it.

HOWEVER, fret not-
i have already booked the flight ticket & hotel for a very short trip.
Yep. short...
coz there's another loooong trip gonna comes up after that.
insya Allah =)

the place where i'm going is not as stunning as Nim's Island, but ....


will update about it later la.. lambat lagi nak pegi.
kecoh je lebih. ;p

oohhh how i miss you, pantai!!!
tunggu aku, will you?


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Party @ Duchess

sweet kan?
i loikeee!
but i wasn't here for wedding.

but uhm..





it's 'that' party!
our 'opening' Co. event for year 2012.

first time kenal buah Pulasan..vole?
ye la..
aku la contoh orang kampung tak sedar diri.

kantoi tapau!