The Travel Gear for the Wild Wild Wet

7:55 AM

Currently i'm looking for these two things for my trip:

ooh, i found several other cute drybags too!

Dicapac Waterproof Camera Case

i've been wanting to buy those things since 2009. can you believe it?!
i know righttttt? by now i should have those two things, but until now i keep postponed buying it. apesal ntah. konon2 nak beli waterproof camera, tapi terbeli benda lain. selalu macam tu. huhu.
(you can read my rants in here too. lol)

BUT this time around, i'm serious.
i'm gonna buy it, no matter what, by hook or by crook ;p

eh, anyone knows mana nak cari that Dicapac (or any brand) Waterproof Case yang cheaper tak? dalam range RM90 - RM150?
ada yang RM99, tapi i'm not sure about the size, though.
i'm looking for my Canon G12.


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