Review : Dicapac Waterproof Camera Case (WP610)

12:42 AM

i got meself a waterproof case. yippie yeaay!! ^__^
timekaseh kepada orang yang membelikan case ini..

ok. first thing first,
this test was carried out only AFTER a leak test has been done by Tukang Beli by inserting tissue into this case, put it into a pail, together with a lesung batu on top of this case so it won't float and left it for a few hours.

the result :

since i was bored yesterday (and like i said, i was in a bad mood. when i'm having a badmood, i need to do something to ease my mind. oh by the way, yesterday evening i got SMS from Air Asia about rescheduling our flight. hmm, can't the day get any better?? #sarcasm. thus, the need to go for a swim. ) so i went back home early, thinking of going for a quick swim + testing the Dicapac with my baby G12 inside.

so, here it is.. the magic box ;)

now you ask me, what's in the box?what's in the box???

(ok. tetiba teringat Robin HIMYM. don't ask me which episode of which season. i can't remember. hehe. click here if the image doesn't gif-ing)

- Waterproof Case
- Neck Strap
- Printed Instruction
- External Connector ( untuk yang pakai external lens)
- Silica Gel
- Sponge (work as the Camera's base)

it's time to hit the pool :)

sila abaikan gambar di atas. huhu~

and the result:

the camera works when submerged underwater.
(but need to familiarize with the dial as it's kind of a bit confusing when your finger can't feel any difference between the button)
and the most important thing is:
the camera is DRY!
takde setitik air pun masuk dalam casing. phew.

after a very bad day, this Dicapac finally made my day :)

ps: this is NOT a paid entry. good things are meant to be shared, ain't it? :)

click here to see underwater photos taken using WP610 during my Koh Samui vacation :)

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