Young man, you better realize you are on this earth for a purpose.

4:04 AM

this is one of my fav preach by Br Joshua Evans. He is an American, former Christian Missionary & Youth Minister from South Carolina who has converted to Islam (source).

korang should watch this!
tak boring langsung, in fact.. quite entertaining.
boleh tahan kelakar jugak. seriously!
tapi, like he said.. the most important thing is,
"get the message behind the story".

kalau ikutkan hati, nak je saye subtitlekan video ni, tapi macam leceh la pulak. huhu. but i did post some of the 'scripts' in my facebook, to attract my friends to watch it. hehe.

contohnya (more or less camtu la ayatnya):

masa memula he start his preach, pasal prophet (Noah, Luth, David):

To me, God's prophet on my mind were people of example. People who i can follow as example. People who are supposed to be the best for us. But they are turning out to be worst than people u see in America's Most Wanted!"
* LoL*

When he read the Bible and start asking question, the turning point he started to look for some other religion, the professor said:

"What u have is books written by men over centuries and centuries and eons and was copied & copied. Somebody added the mistakes, some skip the line & add the line that was not supposed to be. have imperfected book that's only perfected through faith.."

Joshua couldn't believe it. he said
"if God has a religion, it's gotta be perfect. If He has a book, it's gotta be perfect because He is PERFECT. "

ok. yang lain korang tengok sendiri.
one thing for sure, bila tengok video ni, memang terasa sangat maluuu dengan Joshua yang baru memeluk Islam. he read the Qur'an sampai habis. bukannya blindly read the Qur'an, but he understand it as well!
and me?!
setakat tahu 2,3 surah je..
oh malunya..

Please, watch this.
and remember,
the best da'awah is by Muslim being a Muslim.

Salam.. :)

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