Koh Samui Retreat Day 1 : From KL to Surat Thani

1:41 AM

Flight AK1808.
took off at approx. 1035hours.
we reached Surat Thani after 1 and 1/2 hours later.

this was at Surat Thani airport.
bought RETURN bus+ferry ticket with Phantip Tour outside the airport. cost us only 700THB!
it's cheap compared to buy the tickets online through several other agents.
i think we got ourselves a very good deal here :)

by the way, we are going to Donsak Pier from the airport.
from Donsak, we're going to Nathon Pier (Koh Samui) by ferry.

inside the double decker bus.
comfortable enough for us.

bawak duit beribu-ribu #LikeABoss. lol.

finally arrived at Donsak Pier after 1 and half hour journey.
from here, there's another 1 and 1/2 hour ferry ride to Nathon Pier.
(err.. i think there's a lot of 1 and 1/2 journey for today. hmm.)

Seatran Ferry. it sorta looks like Feri Pulau Pinang, but bigger.
there's 2 floor for vehicles!
only a floor for passenger.

siap ada foot massage.
tapi quite mahal la.. 300 baht. kat island lagi murah.
by the way, passengers are not allowed to bring pets inside the ferry.
BUT there's still some unconsidered people brought their pets inside the ferry :(

ramai gilaaaaa!
we couldn't get any seat!
and it's so hot inside the ferry too.
so we tried to look elsewhere to sit.

plenty of seat outside (upper deck), but without any roof.

phew. finally.
but we had to take turns to sit here.
so kesian kan, kat kitorang.
dah ler panas.
haiish.. ni baru panas dunia.... #ehtetiba. hehe.

Encik Kaki Bola. Me. and Cik German.
ni masa dah nak sampai. sebab tu ceria je. hihi~

reaching Nathon Pier.

nope. we didn't take this TukTuk.
wasn't sure where it'll drop us,
so we found some other TukTuk to take us to our resort.
cost us 300THB from Nathon Pier to Samui Heritage Resort in Bophut.
and FYI, the price is AFTER bargaining.
otherwise, it'd be more expensive. (can't remember the exact price the driver quoted us. but one thing for sure, remember to ALWAYS bargain the price whenever you're in Koh Samui. kalau tak, memang cekik darah. huhu)

Reached SHR 20 minutes later, if i'm not mistaken.
after setelkan pasal bilik, kitorang solat & rest kejap.
petang dalam pukul 5 camtu kitorang pun keluar jalan-jalan cari makan.

at this point of time, we have no idea where to go..
just follow our heart (and hungry stomach. haha), walking along the road without any map.
i knowww, right? what were we thinking?
i don't know. too hungry to think i guess. hehe.
by the way, there's a 7'Eleven just beside our resort.
we saw a two Jubah & Kopiah-wearing man earlier outside 7'Eleven, so we asked them where to find Halal food.
but the 2 guys didn't understand us. :(
One of them said something that sound like "Lam", so we thought later we'll find a map & rent a car to find that place.

found this just after 5-10 minutes walk from our resort.
i remember reading somewhere on the net about this Fisherman Village, so i made a suggestion to them to go here.
i heard that it's good for shopping & eating. so, off we gooooo~!

most of the restaurants & bars in here are for fine dining.
i loveeeee the interior decoration of each restaurants!
it reminds me of Bali, Indonesia. (but Bali is wayyyy better of course!)
sassy. and romantic. and EXPENSIVE.

Dinner by the beach...
while watching the sunset...
romantic setting..

sadly for us,
since it's so difficult for us to find halal food, this is the closest we could find for our 'romantic dinner':-

the Halal Banana Pancake!
saw this 'Lovely Halal Pancake Stall' while strolling along the street.
a Mat Salleh couple told us that this is 'the best pancake in Koh Samui we've ever tasted'.
and guess what..?

I couldn't agree more!

in Malaysia, we call this as 'Roti Pisang'.
you can find this in any Mamak's Restaurant ;p

but the one in our Mamak's restaurant, is not as delicious as this:

we don't have this in Malaysia.
this was mine : Banana Strawberry Chocolate Pancake.
(but wait till you try Banana Caramel Chocolate Pancake - it's to-die-for! really. so yummy. sedap gila! i can still taste the caramel until now! huwaaa, now i'm craving for Banana Caramel Pancake! tskk.)

dah kenyang, sambung jalan-jalan cuci mata sambil cari kereta sewa.

almost dark. had to find extra lighting to take En. Kaki Bola's picture. haha.

i hope i won't be forever alone :(
ini takde kaitan dengan Liverpool's You'll Never Walk Alone, yek. ;)

got ourselves a rental car.
it was a Toyota Vios.
cost us 1200THB per day.

found this Halal Malay Restaurant in Ban Plai Laem village.
(yerp. this village was what the Jubah-Guy told us earlier. hihi)
it's located in front of a Mini Mart. (ala.. tak ingat pulak apa nama mini mart tu. Tesco kot?)

the food looks so delicious.
too bad, it's not my taste.
the lauk pauk were too sweet.
the Kelantanese might love this, i think.
saye suka pedas-pedas. saye tak suka manis-manis.
but the Sambal Belacan, oh my!!!
Sambal Belacan BEST IN THE WORLD!
two thumbs up!
pedas gila. sedap gila.
memang terbaik!

discussing where to go while waiting for our dinner.
btw, this map helps us a lot.
sangat detail.
segala resort, clinic, shops, etc semua ada dalam map ni.
and it's FREE!
we got it from the car-rental shop.


we went to Chaweng Beach right after dinner.
saje jalan-jalan :)


at Chaweng Street Plaza.
tak best pun.

takde keje main tembak2 patung ;p

i know i am kaki jalan.
i understand you guys are tired.
let's go home.

(what had happened to us when we reached the resort)

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