Koh Samui Retreat : How The Story Begin.

12:35 AM

Honestly, Koh Samui wasn't in my list for this year's trip. It's just suddenly popped up when Mzl send me an email, which was from A*Asia -> the Shopaholic Promo (hahaha i hate it when he knows me that well =p ), whereby Bangkok was among the list. i always wanted to go to Bangkok. i think i couldn't say that i've been to Thailand if i haven't set my foot to Bangkok. So, daripada plan ke Bangkok, i thought it'd be better if we could combine this as Bangkok-Phuket-Krabi @ Chiang Mai - Phuket-Krabi @ Bangkok-Koh Samui, etc. (biasa la kalau plan asek bertukar je kan. hehe) Yes i've been to Krabi before, back then in 2009. i loveeee Krabi. and i totally miss the foodddd! ooh the food!!!! sampai sekarang aku masih mengidam somptam yang sedapppp! huhuhuhu~

so anyway, we planned this and that. and suddenly TK2 came out of nowhere. ok ok. not nowhere. we have already planned this since last year, but we had 3 options (countries) in mind, and haven't decided which one to go. ngeengeengee. A*Asia Big Sale tempoh hari akhirnya memberikan kata putus kepada kami untuk ke TK2. It'd be more than a week of leaves, so that changed everything. Maklum la, mana boleh cuti lama-lama. so, plan The Beach bertukar jadi short-trip sahaja.. yang pelik tu, cemana entah daripada plan nak ke Bangkok jadi ke Koh Samui. maka, jimat la duet shopping beta. lol.

untuk trip kali nih, selain daripada 3 orang wajib (me, Mzl & Kak Chik), there's a new additional member : Cik German & Encik Kaki Bola. both are our friends since UTM's heyday. all five of us climbed Mount Kinabalu together back then in 2004. ohh the good 'ol times...

so that's pretty much how the story start. Nothing much to tell about Samui, tho. it's just another island. if you need my judgement, and TRUST my judgement, all i can say is.. Malaysia's island is wayyyyy better than Samui. seriously. BUT that will be in the next entry =)

taste masing-masing berbeza. so whatever written in here, is based on my own taste. tak semua orang suka pantai. tak semua orang suka mandi laut. tak semua orang suka tengok colorful fishes & corals.. ye tak?i loveeee the beach so much, which is why you could always find me writing about 'lari ke pantai..' :)

Malaysia's Most Beautiful Island according to my ranking/my personal favorite (there's still plenty of islands that i haven't been yet. if i do, i'll update this ranking ;p)

1. Pulau Perhentian (Perhentian Island)
2. Pulau Payar (Payar Island)
3. Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island)
4. Pulau Mabul & Sipadan (Mabul & Sipadan Island) -> Sipadan is heaven to divers, not to those who only knows how to snorkel (-__-)"
5. Pulau Manukan (Manukan Island)

Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Langkawi, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Pandan jauh ke Tengah tak termasuk dalam senarai. hehe. Pulau Pangkor memang out. been there twice. Pulau Langkawi best untuk sekali sekala pegi duty-free shopping @ bila bosan2 terasa nak naik kereta kabel. eh tapi kalau nak pegi Pulau Payar, kena la pergi Pulau Langkawi dulu yer. Pulau Pinang best if you're looking for heritage site (nih sama macam Melaka. i love 'em both!) Pulau Pandan takde kaitan dengan Kampung Pandan, KL ;p

Pulau-pulau lain saye tak pergi lagi. really wanted to go to Redang & Rawa since 2008, tapi asek cancel je. pasaipa entah :( insyaAllah, kalau ada rezeki, sampai la kat sana.. Amin~

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