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i really wanted to blog about my recent trip to Koh Samui, but i'm just too tired and too sleepy. Guess i'll do it sometime later, kot. But at the same time, i just couldn't wait to gush about where we stayed for 3 nights in Koh Samui. super-excited I am! ngee~

actually, i have no idea where to stay. looked around several Groupon's deal, almost take one of the deal, but then cancelled it after reading a few bad review upon one of the resort that caught my attention. So, i checked through my favorite Agoda.com, and wallah! there it is! Super Hot Deal for Samui Heritage Resort!
and the most important thing is, i managed to get a very good price for SHR!

yeah yeah. i know. i stayed in a resort. so not backpacking whatsoever. heyyy, i really need this getaway, okay. i really didn't want to spend my holiday in backpacking hostel, etc. i saved that for this end-of-year trip. for now, i wanted a tranquil place to bring out my inner peace as recently i'm having this super-tired-super-cranky-to-go-to-work so much that i need a vacation to bring my mojo back. cewahhhh statement poyo. alasan nak bercuti sangat la kannn.. kuangkuangkuang ;p

now now,
let's have a look at the resort, shall we?

lorong nak masuk ke Samui Heritage Resort.

this is the main entrance.


this is in front of the receptionist area.
kolam tu nampak macam cetek, tapi sebenarnya dalam.
faz hampir lemas aritu. sibbaik aku perasan dia tengah terkapai-kapai.

no. no.
this wasn't our room.
this is the rest room beside the receptionist area.


oh why hello..

welcome to my home sweet home :)

bukak pintu je ada dapur.
small kitchen area.
ada kitchen cabinet, sinki. small dining table.
there's a small fridge, kettle and they also provide us with a pair of tea-cups.
sebelah pintu masuk tu ada small seating area.

ada tv and dvd player. (you can borrow DVDs from the receptionist).
this resort also got free wi-fi.

and now...




the outdoor bathroom ya'll!!!

anda boleh main chak-chak dengan orang dalam bilik sambil anda mandi.

but anyway, it was nice la.. i like the interior.
cosy je.
tapi bila nak mandi time malam tu macam seram-seram jugak la.
so i never looked up whenever i was in shower.
kot-kot ternampak NangNak sedang terbang ke kan, naya jer.

above photo grid was the guys' room.
dorang dok sebelah bilik kitorang.

the staff was okay. really helpful (except the one in the night shift. i'll talk about her later).
if you melepak around the receptionist area, the staff will served you fruit juice.

i like it here.
quite peaceful.
not as crowded as Chaweng.
just nice for those who like a little getaway, peace & quiet.

oh by the way..
Samui Heritage Resort is located in Bophut Beach area.

i will update about the whole retreat soon, insyaAllah.

so, stay tuned!

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