Sunday, May 27, 2012

lazy sunday

what a lovely Sunday i had yesterday.
no pending jobs..
not on-call..
just a quiet Sunday.

i woke up early morning.. and then doze off while listening to Reza Salleh's album.. and then i woke up again.. listening to the album again.. smile like an idiot sambil  bermalas-malasan on my bed. was a blissful Sunday..

//image taken from my
//just bought this album last week :)

and then finally i get up from the bed. took shower. re-run House Season 7 (saye dah abes tengok sampai the 8th Season Finale dah pun sebelum tu. ngee) sambil lipat baju. (yup, i haven't be able to do that since i've been having a hectic month. huhu~)

i promised myself NEVER to take Sunday for granted EVER AGAIN. 


actually, this was what i had in mind lastweek, but i was on stand-by mode on Saturday, so yeah, no short getaway last weekend. 
haiih.. da dapat stay at home on Sunday pun dah syukur seribu rahmat dah tu.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I love the way you sweeten my day

Can I see you tonight?
Will it be alright to see you tonight?

Lately I've been thinking about you,
I hope that you feel the same,
I've been wondering what I'd do without you.

Baby, shine me your smile,
Smile oh my worries away,
I love the way you sweeten my day.

And I come by too late, 
Feeling tired on what do i do,
Do I call it a day?
Do I lay my head back I’m through?
Is this the end?
I don't think so.

I need to hear your sweet voice,
I really want to,
Be a peace inside the noise.

Darling, I'm aching inside,
Feels like there's a void in your place,
It's been to long since you were away.

I need to rub this sleep on my eyes,
I need to reinforce my hope,
There's a lady who is love of my soul.

And I need you right now,
And I’m missing you desperately,
Can I see you tonight?
I'll be quite no one would see,
Or would you say no,
Oh baby please don't.

Can't you see that I'm in love?
Won't you let me feel love?
Won't you let that feeling flow?

// For Her- Reza Salleh

//one of my fav from  Reza Salleh. like seriously.  i listen to this song everytime i feel like i'm having a bad day, just like right now. it's almost 1030pm, i'm still stuck at The Co.   it's been a few weeks now. ok. i won't bored you with my complaint. just hope you enjoy the song, ok? ;)


Friday, May 18, 2012

Explore London for FREE! Travelholic & Sports Maniac RED Alert!

gosh, i've been wanting to go to London since i was a little girl. 
dunno why. 
prolly because of the nursery rhyme my mom keep singing to me when i was a kid. 

"London bridge is falling down..falling down.."

 err..why would i wanna go to a place where the bridge is falling i have no idea. 

 anyway, this year's Olympic is gonna be in London, and i'm pretty sure it's gonna be HUGEEEE! 
and when it's huge, it sure is gonna be quite expensive too. 

 Get sponsored to travel London during the Olympics:

 Malaysian bloggers and social media junkies, here is your chance to represent Malaysia for the Samsung Global Blogger! Samsung is looking for enthusiastic personalities to explore London and to seek out the best the city has to offer during the Olympic Games.
 The first step to becoming a Samsung Global Blogger is to submit a 30 second video of you telling us why you should be selected. 

 easy peasy? yeah i think so too! but too bad i'm a video-shy person. 
so i guess i'll leave this to you brave people out there!
Best of Luck!!!~

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

silence is easy

just found out about this Starsailor band. (yup i'm #slowpoke like that ;p ) Agak best la lagu-lagu dia. me loike very much. agak layan di dengar bila stress dengan kerja di office T__T

anyway, here is one of the song that i find interesting :)


Everybody says that they're looking for a shelter 
Got a lot to give 
But I don't know how to help her

I should just let it go 
'Til they learn how to grow 
And how to liberate

Everybody says that she's looking for a shelter 
Got a lot to give 
But I don't know how I felt her

They should just let it go 
Till these cities learn to grow 
And how to liberate

Silence is easy 
It just becomes me 
You don't even know me 
You all lie about me

Everybody says that I'm looking for a home now 
Looking for a boy or I'm looking for a girl now 
But I can still let it go 
I can still learn to grow 
Into a child again

Silence is easy 
It just becomes me 
You don't even know me 
But why lie about me?

Silence is easy 
It just becomes me 
You don't even know me 
Why do you hate me?

Silence is easy 
It just becomes me 
You don't even know me 
You all lie about me

Silence is easy 
It just becomes me 
You don't even know me 
You all lie about me

image from here

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Koh Samui Retreat Day 3 Part 1 : Koh Tao (Turtle Island)

16th April 2012. 
Today is the third day we're here. 
We're going island hopping today. 
yeeha!! :) 

 We bought the island hopping package online through groupon
 (Koh Samui: Full Day Catamaran Boat Tour of Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan).
 a wise decision, i must say. why? 

 1) because it's wayyy cheaper than buying it at Koh Samui (1700THB per person. we got 1340THB).
 2) you might not get the tickets if you buy it on the spot as there're lotsa ppl there! 

 anyway, let's get going shall we? ^___^

the agent picked us at SHR at 7.00am.

it looks so peaceful..
and yes, it was. a very nice and clean beach.
except there were dogs EVERYWHERE! gahh!
 stress haku tau masa ni. adoiii.

we were among the earliest to arrive.

tapi tak lama lepastu, kemain ramai lagi yang sampai. and most of them are Korean.

see... how adorable (and cheesy) dorang ni. most of the couples that i've seen wore the same couple shirts/short pants. tatau la memang wajib ke apa sebab seriously, MOST OF THEM ok yang pakai same color/corak. even the girls' two-piece pun boleh sama dengan short boifren/hasben dorang. dah la comel-comel coraknya. 
( tapi saye tak amek la gamba dorang. kang dorang ingat saye stalker pulak nak amek2 gambar dorang. hehe )

queue sebelum naik feri/catamaran boat. nampak macam ramai, sebenarnya tak. time ni ramai da masuk bot awal-awal.

yeehaa! we're going titanic baybeeee! lol.
yeah yeah. i can be so OTT sometimes. hihi.

a very big & comfortable ferry!3 tingkat ok!~ memang terbaik. oh, they provided us with free return drinks. pergi dapat satu cup air bikarbonat (i.e: air gas). balik pun dapat satu cup. 

 btw, they also provided us with breakfast at the jetty whila waiting for the ferry. 
there's tea, coffee, sandwich & also banana.

at Koh Nang Yuan. we have to change boat here cause we're going to Koh Tao first.

sempoi gila, kan. sebelah tangan dukung baby, sebelah tangan lagi sambut wife. 
how sweet.. 

hmm.. during my stay in here, i saw lotsa young parents bring their kids for holiday. and by kids, i mean.. baby or toddler. i always thought it's gonna be difficult to bring babies to vacation- well, that's what i heard from friends. "susah la nak jalan, ada baby.. nanti itu la..ini la.. blablabla..". so i guess, these oramputih proved me wrong, kot? 

but then again, dorang senang la sebab takyah pikir nak cebok.. nak solat.. kena bersih suci dari najis.. agaknya sebab tu kot orang kita susah nak bawa baby.. kalau dah 3,4 tahun tu ok la kan :) kalau saye nanti, tatau la macam mana,kan.. #ehtetiba ;)

oh indah nya.. permainya.. lautan terbentang luas..

my baby G12 is in action! hehe. 
 the round circle is actually the lens' cover. i don't think it looks bad. i think it's cool. looks like some photography art or something. hehehe. 

if you're using WP610, don't worry. it's my bad. i put the camera in the wrong side of the case.. and, also, i didn't put the sponge (camera base) properly, that's why it looks that way. and hey, i still think it's cool :)

Koh Tao is just nice. not many colorful fishes and corals. kinda bored. so, instead of snorkeling, we went crazy goofing around with the waterproof case. hihi.

ok. time's up. next destination : Koh Nang Yuan! :)

ps: fyi,  all photos using WP610 are not edited by any photo software. i only add the frame :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

cerita-ceriti Broga Hill

Dah sekian lama teringin nak hiking Broga Hill, tapi tak berkesempatan. the main reason, takde 'kaki' (geng). Satu hari tu, She message through TK2 Whatsapp group, ajak kitorang naik Broga. 'prektis' katanya, memandangkan dekat TK2 nanti kitorang akan baaaaaaanyak berjalan. maklum la, percutian bajet. jalan kaki pun, jalan kaki laaa.. hahahaha.

anyway, memandangkan ahli-ahli TK2 bersepah..maka susah la nak set date panjat Broga. sorang kat Terengganu. sorang lagi pulak, kejap kat Terengganu, kejap kat Ampang. masalahnya, kalau kat Ampang pun, jarang sangat la melekat kat rumah, ada je aktiviti, ye tak Cik Wry? (Tapi kitorang baru je hangout sesama sebab tengok The Avenger last Friday night. hehe.) ;)

last-last, it's just me and She. so i asked Anneh & En Kaki Bola to come along and Anneh asked his brother & SIL to join us. TAPI, yang jadi pergi cuma saye, She & Anneh aje. En Kaki Bola obviously tak pergi sebab stay up tengok Man U vs Man City (Man City won, btw), while Anneh's brother & SIL penat sebab baru sampai dari kampung.

Kitorang plan pergi 1 Mei 2012 memandangkan time tu je la yang kitorang available. so, malam Selasa aritu, She crashed at my house since my house is closer to Semenyih than her place. memula konon-konon plan nak gerak pukul 4am, sebab nak tengok sunrise. tapi sebab malam tu dok berborak tak habis-habis, so kitorang decided nak gerak kul 4.30am from my place. itu plan je la.. apa yang jadi sebenarnya, kitorang gerak dari my place pukul 4.45am. hehehe. lepastu pergi amek Anneh.. lambat sebab sesat cari rumah dia kat Pandan Indah. hampeh tul. dah la patutnya dia yang datang amek kitorang, tapi last-last kitorang yang pegi amek dia sebab dia tertido tengok bola. aigooo -__-"

tak sure gerak dari Pandan Indah pukul berapa. tapi perjalan cuma mengambil masa dalam setengah jam++ je kot kalau tak silap. hehe. sorry tak keep track dengan masa. yang pastinya, pukul 530am kitorang stop kat 7'Eleven Pekan Semenyih untuk beli roti & air (saye beli roti je. air masak dah bawa siap-siap dari rumah.)

Selesai shopping makanan, kitorang pun gerak ke Pekan Broga. masa nih dah redha yang kitorang takkan sempat tengok sunrise, so kitorang pusing-pusing Pekan Broga cari surau memandangkan She cakap kat atas sana takde toilet & takde tempat solat. Anneh on Papago cari direction Surau. jalan punya jalan..last-last rupanya tempat yang dikatakan surau adalah sebuah rumah/pondok yang dah lama terbiar. macam tempat berhantu pun ada! seriously!! seram weiihh dah la senyap sunyi masa tu. cecepat suruh Anneh u-turn pegi masuk pekan balik. tskk.

masa tengah usha-usha tu, ternampak ada satu kedai makan baru nak buka. nama restoran tu 'Restoran Abdul Rahman' err kot? kalau tak silap la.. kedai mamak. tapi don't worry, mamak ni confirm Muslim sebab masa kitorang mintak nak tumpang solat, dorang pun tengah take turns solat dalam bilik. :)

Dah selesai, kami pun gerak ke kaki Bukit Broga. waktu tu dah pukul 630am dah pun. dah nak cerah. parking kereta kat luar je sebab masatu baaaaanyak gila kereta. maknanya dah ramai la tu yang dah start mendaki @ already there. i was excited. da lama gila kot tak hiking. kalau ada pun, hiking sekejap masa nak pergi Na Muang2  Waterfall ;p kira Broga Hill ni macam lepas gian hiking la ni. kikikiki.

btw, like what they've warned in FourSquare, Broga Hill was crowded with people.

Human traffic, as they say.

 dari segi hiking, tak susah pun. ok for beginner, me think. takyah kata beginner la.. untuk orang yang da lama tak hiking macam saye ni pun ok. lagipun, yang best tu bila da sampai kat checkpoint-checkpoint tu. Masha Allah, view cantik sangat! but yeah, it was crowded, so susah nak amek gambar. orang yang datang awal dah chop batu2 besar.. ada yang siap bawak groundsheet! jeles! hehe. teringat masa zaman belajar dulu. ooh i miss the good 'ol times!

walaupun crowded, tapi rasa seronok juga bila ramai-ramai macam ni. macam ada pesta.

kagum bila tengok ada muslimah yang pakai tudung labuh & berjubah sama-sama mendaki. kau mampu?huhu. sapa kata tutup aurat tak boleh buat aktiviti lasak? meh sini haku lastik mulut tu ;p ada juga young parents yang bawa baby dorang sekali. haiih, saye yang bawak sweater & air sebotol & roti pun da rasa berat (sebenarnya, badan yang berlemak-lemak ni yang berat. haha), macam mana la dorang boleh hiking sambil bawak baby. #tabikspringtoinktoink.

anyway, Anneh tengok saye macam sengsara sangat bawak beg, last2 dia offer amek barang-barang dari beg saye. bukan ada apa pun. sebotol kecik air mineral & roti je. pastu tahu tak, bila dah sampai CP2 baru She & I taw yang Anneh carry laptop! errkkkk!

ni tempat yang paling mencabar.
sebabnya, kau kena panjat batu ni.
kelakar jugak la masa ni sebab saye ni kaki pendek, so nak push badan ke atas tu macam susah sket la (sebab segan sebenarnya. hihi)
pastu budak2 ni were all like "Ok Kak! sikit lagi Kak! mesti bolehhhh punyaaaa!"

yeaahh! puncak Broga!Alhamdulillah..sampai jugak akhirnya. ngeeee~

masa yang diambil dalam sejam kot nak sampai puncak.sebabnya..kitorang sangat la bersantai lenggang kangkung sepanjang perjalan. kejap-kejap berenti amek gambar. tak pun, tengok orang. entah. rasa aman damai sangat, walaupun ramai. rasa best :)

kitorang gerak turun pukul 9am. haaaa kalau nak tahu, saye ni sangat la suka mendaki, TAPIIII benci gila bila nak turun. kalau la ada alternatif lain, memang la saye dah guna. seriously. macam kalau pergi wall climbing, amboi bukan main excited lagi climb. tapi bila nak turun, mula la nak menangis sebab gayat. kuang3. terbalik dengan She. masa hiking otw naik ke puncak, punya la macam malas-malas. tapi bila turun,amboi bukan main sihat lagi. tak saba nak minum air tembikai punya pasal. lol.

apapun, it was fun. next time kalau pergi Broga Hill..kena la pergi awal. boleh tengok sunrise.. boleh baring2 atas batu.. boleh pose ala2 Windstruct...boleh la buat macam-macam lagi... ;)