Friday, May 18, 2012

Explore London for FREE! Travelholic & Sports Maniac RED Alert!

gosh, i've been wanting to go to London since i was a little girl. 
dunno why. 
prolly because of the nursery rhyme my mom keep singing to me when i was a kid. 

"London bridge is falling down..falling down.."

 err..why would i wanna go to a place where the bridge is falling i have no idea. 

 anyway, this year's Olympic is gonna be in London, and i'm pretty sure it's gonna be HUGEEEE! 
and when it's huge, it sure is gonna be quite expensive too. 

 Get sponsored to travel London during the Olympics:

 Malaysian bloggers and social media junkies, here is your chance to represent Malaysia for the Samsung Global Blogger! Samsung is looking for enthusiastic personalities to explore London and to seek out the best the city has to offer during the Olympic Games.
 The first step to becoming a Samsung Global Blogger is to submit a 30 second video of you telling us why you should be selected. 

 easy peasy? yeah i think so too! but too bad i'm a video-shy person. 
so i guess i'll leave this to you brave people out there!
Best of Luck!!!~


~Beb~ said...

Same goes to me! IMPIAN! Tp bile tak tahu.. Byk pakai duit.. Buat kire2 tapi habis gitu jer.. Buat lagi skali, pon habis gitu je kertas bajet ku ;p

Klu u join meh i vote ;p

Gil Ra Im said...

hahaha i tak join la. video shy ;p

tu la.. bila kan dpt pegi. u ok la, ade hubby leh ikut. mcm i ni, payah sket nak ajak kwn2, esp europe kan.. dah ler mahal.. *sigh*.