I love the way you sweeten my day

7:25 AM

Can I see you tonight?
Will it be alright to see you tonight?

Lately I've been thinking about you,
I hope that you feel the same,
I've been wondering what I'd do without you.

Baby, shine me your smile,
Smile oh my worries away,
I love the way you sweeten my day.

And I come by too late, 
Feeling tired on what do i do,
Do I call it a day?
Do I lay my head back I’m through?
Is this the end?
I don't think so.

I need to hear your sweet voice,
I really want to,
Be a peace inside the noise.

Darling, I'm aching inside,
Feels like there's a void in your place,
It's been to long since you were away.

I need to rub this sleep on my eyes,
I need to reinforce my hope,
There's a lady who is love of my soul.

And I need you right now,
And I’m missing you desperately,
Can I see you tonight?
I'll be quite no one would see,
Or would you say no,
Oh baby please don't.

Can't you see that I'm in love?
Won't you let me feel love?
Won't you let that feeling flow?

// For Her- Reza Salleh

//one of my fav from  Reza Salleh. like seriously.  i listen to this song everytime i feel like i'm having a bad day, just like right now. it's almost 1030pm, i'm still stuck at The Co.   it's been a few weeks now. ok. i won't bored you with my complaint. just hope you enjoy the song, ok? ;)


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